Character in Alpha state on SISI

SISI is far enough back still that im still showing in Alpha state on there. Is there anyway to make it omega or get a more recent copy of my character on SISI so i can do some testing?

I hear PLEX is seeded on the market and you can buy yourself 500 of them and upgrade to Omega, if you wish.

I’ve never tried it, so I don’t know that it works from first hand experience, but that seems to be the way to go about it from what I’ve read in response to others asking this same question.

Hope this helps you.

Are skill injectors seeded and the 100isk price?

I do not know if that is the case. I think I remember some people getting ahold of most or all of them and raising a fuss on the test server some time ago, and what’s seeded is up to CCP fiat. The best thing to do is to check and see if what you want is available by logging into the test server and having a look around, I think.

If there are no injectors and the lack of SP is a problem for you, keeping an eye out for the mass tests and the 5M SP bonus you get for participating in them is the only other option I can personally think of.

No, the only way to get skill points on SISI is by training, participate in CCP’s testing events or buy Injectors from other Players.

Is there any knowledge of when the next update is for mirroring?

I have no knowledge of when or if one has been scheduled

You need Skillpoints?`

There are 2 ways to deal with that problem. First you can extract skillpoints out of an alt if you have one.
Plex are seeded for 100 isk. With that you can buy Extractors.
If you got Skills to build Supercaps or Titans, build some of them… Many players buy them for Injectors.

Hope that helps.

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