How do I get Skill Injectors In Singularity?

(vrongbong) #1

Now with /copyships removed and maybe even /copyskills. How do I earn Skill Injectors, thanks in advance.

(Dyver Phycad) #2

Buy PLEX, buy extractors in the NES, extract skills, put them back in, assign to new skills as needed.

(vrongbong) #3

Any way other than that? I don’t have 5mil SP

(Dyver Phycad) #4

You can try Jita and hope that the mirrored sell orders have not expired or were bought out already, but other than that I don’t know any way.

(vrongbong) #5

Yep, all sold out/bought. Kinda wish CCP would do something about the Skill Injector thing. Kinda makes testing hard without the right skills.

(Nozomi Tenshi) #6

you get some free skillpoints if you take part on masstest’s (2 mil sp per masstest). next one is in 2 days (21st june, 1700 eve time).

(vrongbong) #7

Ahh thank god those still exists. 2 Million is not alot though, but its better than none :slight_smile:

(Steveo Mowi) #8

Sisi is not your testing ground m8, it’s just for CCP to test new content, the only reason u can be always on it because CCP is to lazy to shut it down between patches.Thats why there aren’t any skill injectors.

(system) #9

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