Skills on Test Server

What use is the test server if you cannot test?

My character in the normal eve can use mining crystals, my character on the test server has not caught up so cannot. I wanted to test a few things, what is the point if the test server skills are behind the in game skills.

allow us to allocate the skills we need, or at least inject skills, its the test server it doesnt matter if the skills we have there are better than the live server

In the chat box on singularity type in /copyskills, and it will copy your skills from tranquility so they match.

There’s some other commands here: Singularity Player Commands - EVE Community


Thank you

I see /copyskills has been answered.

I would like to add that you can also:

  • buy PLEX for 100 ISK each
  • use the PLEX to buy extractors in the NES
  • use the extractors to reallocate your less-used skills towards skills you wish to test.

It’s a bit of a hassle, but allows you to test skills you don’t even have on the main server.

Hi @Gerard_Amatin thanks, that is what i was looking for too as I wanted to be able to test things with skills i dont yet have to see what the results may be

are skill injectors not seeded into the market on singularity?

Don’t think so, no.

Not everything is seeded for 100 ISK, but PLEX is.

did they get wiped from the jita market as well? If the normal sell orders are still there, you could still just buy up a bunch after making some easy isk from the market.

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