It's a simple expectation

Want to give a full skill command,

And add Titan class or large carrier class ships to the market, so we can do the full test!

Or reduce the training time of the skill, after all this is not a formal server, why let the player take the time to learn the skill?

Singularity is meant for testing new features (i.e. for bugs and stability). Fortunately, CCP also allows us to use it for our own testing (i.e. testing out fits, strats, or figuring out new content) and training. They don’t have to do that. They could lock down the test server in between scheduled tests, but they don’t.

So, it’s okay to ask, but saying “it’s a simple expectation” comes off as a little ungrateful and entitled.


You have functionally free skill extractor access (100 isk per PLEX in seeded systems, buy the PLEX you need to get extractors from the NES); just yank the skill points from something you aren’t using for your test and inject them into the desired skills.

As for not seeding some objects - if you cannot be bothered to take the time to build it (with seeded mats that again cost all of 100isk each) you could try asking around to see if someone has one they’ll give you for testing purposes.

you can also buy supers with injectors

There are very few injectors in the test suit

Buy plex for 100 isk each, buy extractors, sell injectors, boom titan.

Then 14 days later recover all your extracted SP with /copyskills - which grants all completely trained skill levels from TQ

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thx :slight_smile:
I think I know how to do it :blush:

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