Ready to Pay CASH for an Titans and Supers :parrotdad:

Dear CCP,

Put an option to buy Titans, Supers and Large Skill Injectors on the Test Server and I will buy them!!!

Just have an option for *TEST SERVER ONLY* and I will ✅ it.

There’s :moneybag: :yen: :dollar: :pound: :euro: :credit_card: :money_with_wings: to be made!!!

*I know all about mirrors and the “temporary nature” of said items.


Nah. Just seed them in the market already. It’s the test server. Let us test the darn things there.


+1 great idea, let CCP milk the people where it doesn’t hurt the game


The “community” flagged my second post up there :arrow_up: with Olivia Wilde. That’s just funny.

when I got bored , I may contract you mine :wink:

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It’s been a while since I was on Sisi… Since I took their advice and added 2FA to my account, and now I’m unable to log into Sisi ever again.

But I thought you could buy everything off the Market for 100 ISK. Shouldn’t that include buying a Titan? If you’ve got the skills to fly it, then just buy it and cruise around.

No. You cannot buy Titans or Supers on the Test Server. Not for years. As far as skill injectors go, they all get bought up within hours of a new mirror. So, unless you know EXACTLY when the mirror will post and have some serious sniping skills, you won’t get any of those either.

I think they need to either seed every item possible, including injectors, or remove the server. It’s a test server and capital politics/people being ahead should not be a thing.

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Agreed. People that may or may not whelp everyone on Tranquility with their “big ships” love squashing people that don’t have them on SiSi.

CCP says that it causes “problems” on the test server to have people flying Titans but I don’t believe them. I think the people that own Titans on TQ have too much influence over the devs…


Can you buy them on the market on Tranquility or do you have to rely on contracts?

Now that we have Citadels you can certainly buy/sell them on the market but contracts are the preferred method.

The days of having a Third Party like Dark or Chribba are behind us.

@Black_Ambulance that would be lovely :sparkling_heart:

I know I’m not supposed to be writing this …
… but that parrot’s (?) shaking (?) head (?) looks like someone’s flapping around his flaccid …

We need it in skin tone for further testing!


I support this effort. +1


I’ve never seen a corporation pass up on free money before…

Buy Titans, Supers and Large Skill Injectors on the Test Server.

If Sisi market was seeded with Titans and Supers I for one would buy and use. I can fly both on TQ and would love to be able to test different fits without having to wait for manufacturing time on Sisi to complete.



This would work too but I fear CCP won’t do anything without financial incentive.

It’s a test server for testing new mechanics. It is explicitly not your personal playground. That’s why faction / deadspace / officer modules, supercaps and injectors aren’t seeded, nor are they going to be.

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