Test server ship lending

its quite simple, if anyone has a spare super-carrier [preferably a Wyvern] laying around on the test server that they are not using, I would like to kindly ask them if I could borrow it.

please, I will hug you and canoodle you if you do.

you… you… want a hug, right?

… Right?

Funny post
Although isn’t everything on the test server all 1 isk?

No supers, special edition ships and no faction, deadspace or officer mods.
The testserver is for testing for bugs, not for testing fittings or being a playground.

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Ahh okay i didn’t know that part, i thought you could buy anything lol.

I am not a lawyer, but the rules say:
Selling items on the Test server for ISK on TQ is not allowed.

damn, thank you for telling me.

You no like zee Nyx?

All items seeded on Sisi by CCP are 100 isk each, not 1 isk. This includes ammo, all ammo seeded by CCP costs 100 isk per round.

Not all items in the game are seeded by CCP on Sisi. This is on purpose.

Supers have to be built by players on Sisi. Ships below titans and supercarriers are seeded by CCP, including standard carriers, fleet aux’s and dreads. I’m on Sisi right now in a hisec market hub and I can see Phoenix dreads, Chimera carriers and Minokawa fleet aux’s on the market for 100 isk each, but no Wyverns or Leviathans.

Seeded modules are T1/meta/T2, but not faction, officer or deadspace, although a quick check of some drone types shows seeded faction drones on the market for 100 isk each.

Since the only way to get a super on Sisi is to build one, the chance of someone having a “spare” one sitting around that they will “lend” is very very small.

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