Lost stuff

My friend just lost his supercap fleet because they whould not warp off and he was not logged in I belive the glitch before this cause his supercaps not to warp I think they should be reimbursed this is kinda bull they died to a isboxer

sorry, but they don’t do any support for the test server. If he wants his supercap and stuff back, just make sure he has it on the main server when this server is mirrored again, and he’ll have all his stuff back… last i checked, isboxer is legal to use in EVE. then again this is the test server, so they cannot and will not do anything to help your friend.

Honestly they should also you like targeting and bullying as in my last post you said I’m not e titled I don’t need your opinion so like isboxer is actually illegal if u use input broad cast which he is but um yea this kinda bull how they didn’t warp off by themselves

honestly they should not… they don’t have the capability to support anything on the test server.

and isboxer is legal to use. input broadcasting is not, but there are other uses that is legal within the confines of the EULA/ToS.

You sit and you play singularity 24/7, don’t understand game mechanics and then cry when you loose your sisi ships. I think its about time you take a step back and grow up kiddo


Just reporting issues and they weren’t mine chill out bud

It’s test server. Ccp don’t care

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That is most sad, but I do believe no one care?


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muh 100 isk ship :sob::sob:
rest in pieces

why dont you just go and play tq rather than living on sisi with your fake ships lmao.
You have played this game for multiple years and have nothing to show for it

Its the testserver. Ships rarely get reimbursed on TQ either. Next mirror you will have your supercaps again otherwise you can just play around with them on TQ I guess?

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Nooo!!! Not my sisi supers!!! Yikes play tq fam

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he doesnt have any ships on tq because he doesnt play tq

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