Rules Violation Megathread

First I think it’s important to set expectations appropriately.

Let’s take a minute and remember this server is for testing purposes only. What that means is that the intent of the server is for CCP to have features tested prior to them going live. The expectation is that you will report bugs and issues and things will get fixed. Violated rules will be looked at on a case by case basis and dealt with only if the skeleton crew that runs this server has the time to deal with it and/or if the issue is particularly egregious. The test server is run by like CCP Habakuk and maybe a half dozen ISD’s at best. Reporting a rules violation in no way means you will be reimbursed or that ccp will take any action at all against the offender.

With all that being said please stop cluttering up this forum with rules violations and just post them in this thread instead. This forum is cluttered with rules violations that have no reason to each be their own threads. Consolidate here please.

thats disconsolate. friend just got ganked with is rhea in jita… someone managed to put effort just to gank 100 isk ship. . had m sov torched and ccp response was zero… if we want test things ow we do without getting blobbed?

problem is titan and supercarrier abuse,cant perform 1v1 cruiser/cruiser or bc/bc because stupidity lands with 25 nidhoggurs and 10 erebus at top of you and simply blast your cruisers with boson field generator.

is this test server or titans online? or maybe titanility or supercarrieralit? for gods sake, tune down the menace of supercarrier and titan spawn,make building them harder instead of letting them cook in bulk. if someone has max indy 10 alts - thats 110 titans or 110 supercarrier construction jobs.

problem with agression outside testing system is lack of rules enforcement,filed tickets are closed and redirected to this forum,singularity has no support. theres basically noone at home.

problem like this will persists regardless of ccp activity,if they want clear testing and bug finding they should ensure “safety”

the test system m-oeeb should hae a subsystem for subcap testing,maybe make taisy as official testing system for subcap ships only. when we had 6-cz we had second system for subcaps only and right now we got 1 system that is stockpiled with something we cant handle.

cannot test anything without getting ganked. offenders even agress outside testing sstem. theres no workaround

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Report of non-consent attack in FD-MLJ.
Person not following rules: DeFlokke Beuwgmans

This was one-off incident after I emerged after testing Abyssal site, the person stopped after a short conversation in local.

During the organized testing of the new Cyno Jammers, the following people were combat probing and killing Titans and Supers trying to move their ships to M-O.

The Scorpian King
DeadSpace Hunter
Grool Skord
Chi lzanami
Trader SF
Definitely notalt8
corpes collecting
Honor justin666
Definitely notalt7
Justins legacy carrys
Mr Byson
Chi Izanami
Chipu Vyvorant
Rihoko Ahnu
The Moth
Dmitri Vakarian
Rapid Blue
Rezae Nagaken

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since when is killing supercaps in M-O a rule violation? lol do you even read the rules

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Report: C2X-M5 » M-OEE8 - exct in C2X-M5 has been destroyed
From: DED
Sent: 2018.11.19 17:03

The C2X-M5 » M-OEE8 - exct in C2X-M5 has been destroyed.

Report: C2X-M5 » M-OEE8 - exct in C2X-M5 is under attack
From: DED
Sent: 2018.11.16 02:54

Solar System: C2X-M5
Attacked object: C2X-M5 » M-OEE8 - exct
Current Shield Level: 94%
Current Armor Integrity: 100%
Current Hull Integrity: 100%
Aggressing Pilot: John PIMPEN-HOES
Aggressing Pilot’s Corporation: John PIMPEN-HOES Corporation

Someone direly needs a long vacation.

Here’s a record of a big no no! No further comment necessary.

Sup. First of all thank you for the opportunity to test new ships and events on singularity and it would have been fine, but players cant test anything anymore, because peoples: “Chi Izanami”, “Mr Byson”, “Broccoli Parmala”, “vov4ik top4ik”, “ewitatwo” and other alts from “Corpse Collectors Group Alliance” just every time lands on top of you with 20 titans and supers and boson everything on field, even lonely t1 cruiser. Or they’ra just bumping ships from CCP Keepstar and kills it. For now system M-OEE8 is totally unplayable because of that.

And they just always shitposting in local with threats. Like:

Translation: fck your mother > im fcking your mother

“[ 2018.12.25 16:57:46 ] vov4ik top4ik > так что сосать будете мне)”.
Translation: vov4ik top4ik > You will be suck my dick

“[ 2018.12.25 17:48:27 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > на таких даунов как ты”.
Translation: vov4ik top4ik3 > Not f*ggots like you.

And that, just look at this:
“[ 2018.12.25 17:37:16 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > vov4ik top4ik3 > УУУУУ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:19 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > vov4ik top4ik3 > РЕВЕНАНТЭ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:21 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > vov4ik top4ik3 > УБАААААААААААТЬ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:24 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > vov4ik top4ik3 > АААА
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:27 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > vov4ik top4ik3 > ЕЕЕЕ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:28 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > УУУУ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:32 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > АПААААААВАЫВАЫВАЫВАЫВАЫВПАППАВААППРПАРАП
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:34 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > УЕБАЛИ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:36 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Победа: vov4ik top4ik3 (Onyx*)
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:38 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ,KZZZZZ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:39 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > БЛЯЯЯЯ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:43 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ЫФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:43 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:43 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:43 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:44 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВЫФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:37:44 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:07 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ЫВЫВЫВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:10 ] vov4ik top4ik > ФУУУУ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:13 ] vov4ik top4ik6 > ЗЕЕЕ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:16 ] vov4ik top4ik4 > КЕЕЕЕ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:21 ] MINUT PYAT DESYATPYT > ЫФВФЫЦ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:23 ] ti lox > ЫВФЫВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:31 ] IBAL TVOY MAMKU > ТВОЮ МАТЬ ИББАЛ
[ 2018.12.25 17:38:37 ] Mirlita Preldent > ВЫ ДИБИЛЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:39:01 ] IBAL TVOY MAMKU > НЕТ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:00 ] Mirlita Preldent > Georgiy Jucov ХАЛК?
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:01 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > МАМКУ ТВАЮ Б=\ИБАЛ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:03 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > БАФЫАФАФЫЧВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:03 ] Mirlita Preldent > ЧЕ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:03 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:04 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > АЫФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:04 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:04 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Ф
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:04 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:05 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ЫФА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:05 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:06 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:06 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > А
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:06 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:06 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > А
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:07 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:07 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:07 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > АФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:08 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ЫФА
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:08 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:08 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ЫАЫФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:08 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > В
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:09 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > АФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:10 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВАФЫ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:10 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Ф
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:10 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:11 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > В
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:11 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:11 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:12 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > В
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:12 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Ф
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:12 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:12 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Ф
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:13 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:13 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > В
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:13 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ФВ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:14 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > Ф
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:15 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ВФ
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:16 ] Broccoli Parmala > ты кончил7
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:18 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > УУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУуууууууууууууууууу
[ 2018.12.25 17:40:19 ] vov4ik top4ik3 > ДА”

CCP, make sisi great again pls without them.

So you are saying that we pvp in the main pvp system and all the other 8000+ system were deleted and you cannot go there to “test”.

do you like realize that they were both friends and shitposting with each other in local

You’ra just annoying every player who is not in your alliance with your 20 titans. Open your eyes.

all the other 8000+ systems

Without markets, combat areas, keepstars and sotios. Just remember, you’re not alone on server.

The people that hunted down other Supercarriers and Titans with their own, and bumped ships that were AFK on the CCP Keepstar undock- did not break any rules. Although vov was a bit rude, you (and your friends) provoked him into “■■■■ talking” in local (which could be counted as spam for sure) but otherwise, you’re just as guilty.

Keep in mind that while engaging Sub-caps with Supers/Titans on the main combat area beacons is a bit rude, Its not against the rules. Instead of complaining about specific people (who will just be replaced by others over time who will do the exact same thing), Maybe you should complain about how things are run on the test server by CCP.

Suggest bringing back gated combat beacons- I don’t care. But do not spam the Rule Violation thread with irrelevant topics, and then brag about it in local “that you reported people” who you didn’t like.

Era kanath
Corp: The Potato Guard
Ally: Corpse Collectors Group Alliance

You’re one of them. Another players cant testing things on sisi, because you’ra blobing them with your 20 titans. For example: you always probing lonely cruiser and after 10 second you landed on top of him. Remember: you’re not alone on server.

you’re just as guilty.

Well, you’ra blobing cruisers with your supercaps fleets and we’ra “just ghuilty”. LMAO.

But do not spam the Rule Violation thread with irrelevant topics, and then brag about it in local “that you reported people” who you didn’t like.

Don’t tell me what to do.

Mate, I Litterally haven’t done anything since the remirror. In fact I’m one of the only people who refuse to shoot at Sub-caps in Supers/Titans (unless they’re a HIC/DIC of course)…

I don’t care if you’re salty or not. But don’t threaten other players just because you’re salty.

Like I said though- Its not a people problem. Its a SISI rules/mechanics problem. EVE is renowned for its players to completely exploit game mechanics and rules to their full advantage.

I don’t care if you’re salty or not.

I care about another players, who wants just test their things, not about your alliance.

But don’t threaten other players just because you’re salty.

And again, don’t tell me what to do.

Its not a people problem.

It is peoples problem. Your alliance just annoys all server. Only your alliance just drops 20 titans with 25 faxes for lonely cruiser.

So what happens when another alliance does the same thing? Is it still our problem? Or is it a rules problem?

So what happens when another alliance does the same thing?

Maby because only your alliance do that. Open your eyes.

Is it still our problem?

Yes, this is your problem. No one do that on server, except you. I have tons of logs with peoples, who just wants to test their stuff and you drop them with your all titans.

I see that you haven’t been on the Test Server for long then. For the past 7+ years the server has been dominated by a single group at a time (and it wasn’t us), including NOFUN and TFIXI

For the past 7+ years the server has been dominated by a single group at a time (and it wasn’t us), including NOFUN and TFIXI

Oh come on, this is ridiculous. “Domination on test server”. You are just disturb players with your titans blob, don’t twist things around.

And again, i do not talk with you, i just reporting your alliance and your members for CCP.

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I’m not kidding but Whatever dude, have fun with you ‘Crusade’ lmao