Enforcing Server Rules

There seems to be an unwillingness to enforce test server rules and no mechanism for reporting individuals? Logging a support ticket gets you nowhere or rather you get pointed back to here. What is the procedure for logging complaints against individuals, surely it’s not to post names publicly ?


SiSi has become a wasteland of non-consensual PvP outside of the approved system and there is no mechanism in place to report offenders. This kind of activity is causing problems with player run activities, such as tournament practices, team building, and doctrine testing. Players and Alliance rely on these activities to support and train their players. These are rules that CCP themselves put into place. All we are asking is for those simple rules to be enforced.


While I haven’t used the test server under this name, I have used it in the past for training and practice purposes.

Just a question though:

Aren’t there more than one test servers? Isn’t there a server called Thunder Dome for AT practice and training? Could perhaps that be opened up to corps/alliances on an application basis?

I think Thunderdome is down atm, or only available with special permission. Even CCP have been forced to enforce no fighting protocols for mass tests.


There are actually multiple servers that serve different purposes, such as Duality, TD, and others. ThunderDome is a unique case and we recently were able to use it with approval and support of CCP during the Streamfleet tournament. TD requires a lot of support and is rather unique, but it can be extremely important in running player tournaments.


@CCP_Falcon CCP Staff needs to do better when it comes to enforcing rules.
I’ve had the same issues during AT and other tournament practices, yet CCP have stated in the past that such practice should take place on Sissy when TD is not available.

In this case its a group dedicated to train inexperience players and broaden their play-style, its really discouraging when that gets disrupted and ends because some idiot knows that he can break those rules without any backlash.
Why bother to have rules if you don’t enforce them? And having public forums for any kind of rule violation reporting feels kind of unfair for everyone involved.

For anyone saying “its Sissy just get another ship”, it’s not the loss of the ship, its the disruption of activities and in the end peoples time that get lost. You can’t get rid of idiots following you around bent on griefing but just getting another ship.

Don’t let it just slide into nothing.


well cccp does not care as long as mony in pocket are stashed… cc has no time to enforce sisi rules. basdically you have to bring justice on your own… ccp is not enforcing rules anymore

Well it is starting to look that way :disappointed:

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