why does CCP allow harassments on SiSi. The rules mean nothing

Did you try reporting them? Also, you do know that CCP will not discuss disciplinary action taken on other players with you. So, it is possible that they did something, they just won’t tell you about it.

yep and they gave me the link to the forms.

Sooooo who did what to who?

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Please report abusive behavior on the Sisi server using the in-game Bug Report function while logged in to the Sisi server. That’s the only currently supported reporting method for Sisi issues. I have no idea why the GMs continue to tell players to post in the Test Server Feedback forum, as none of the GMs or ISDs have the power to ban people on Sisi and the devs working on Sisi don’t frequent the forums outside of test situations.

Because it isn’t their job to spend to “support” the test server. Use of it is in fact, unsupported and the GMs will minimize any efforts dealing with issues player file regarding it.

So the best they can do from a customer service point of view is to direct the player to the forums to voice their issue and hope the player feels a little better even if nothing is done, and maybe as a meta-goal, force the community team to see that the test server causes issues like this.

There is no disciplinary action on the test server. You have to seriously violate the terms of service on the test server before a support person will spend any time looking at what you did, and they will ignore any violations of the “rules” because they are not suppose to spend time on that. At best, an actual dev might step in and enforce the rules if you are preventing actual testing, but otherwise it is an unsupported test environment, and players should not expect anything really.

Honestly, the easiest solution used by most companies to avoid this issue of mismatched expectations is just not to allow public access, or at least permanent public access to an unsupported server like this. So while it is nice CCP does allow players to play around and test things, maybe they should be more transparent on the fact nothing will be done and not pretend there are rules, at least on things like non-consensual PvP or whatever. Maybe just add some improved functionality to the \moveme so players can disappear and hide somewhere if someone is trying to force an interaction and then declare the test server an unsupported free-for-all, at least when CCP is not actively testing and has a dev there to make rules and enforce them during an active test.

When nothing is done
FTFY. They are not there to police the test server. That is why they created those DED NPC’s for M-O that kill your anchored bubbles and such.

the only active test is the CCP Masstest. Anything else is not their concern. I don’t know how many times it has to be said, but SISI is not here for you to test builds, that is just a happy convenience they extend. It is here for them to test features and fix bugs in a player filled environment before going live. That is what they are about, and the only time they enforce the ‘non-consensual pvp’ rule.
they don’t care that someone gets ganked in an officer fit t6 gila or a titan because they don’t care on tq either.
Undocking in eve is consent to pvp. Nowhere is safe, regardless of your feelings.

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