How to report violation of rules on test server

Can anyone explain how to report rules violations on the test server? I got routed to this page but it doesn’t appear to have a direct place that gets addressed.

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In general it seems to be, just post a thread in this forum.

However, don’t expect there to necessarily be follow up. While SiSi has defined rules, the follow up on breaches aren’t like rule breaches on TQ.

Best approach is to just accept that there will be rules broken on SiSi and keep posting when it happens, but don’t let it get to you.

Thank you

Despite having a set of general rules for the test server CCP chooses not to enforce them. I still have a ticket open with support, it would appear anything goes including threatening behaviour, racial abuse & non consensual PVP. Perpetrators feel free to continue the practice, it’s all good on the test server according to CCP support


u can try in game hit f12 and bug report inder gameplay issues. state that its singularity issue.

i did report 10 violators 2 didnt came again for week by now

This should be adressed. Ganking on the test server is just plain stupid and serves no purposes. Interrupts training and testing. CCP please enforce the rules.


whining about rule enforcement on a server that is for ccp to test stuff, not you, is just plain stupid.
the sooner you accept that they dont care about your problems, the better

Well Apo,

Thank you for clearing that up for us.



i do it out of love

seriously, tell all your friends that sisi is a sewer.

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