Manufacture Supers in Singularity, sell for ISK in Tranquility

Hey there, it’s been a long time I haven’t been on forums. Anyways, I have a general question.

There is a small demand for Supers in the Singularity since a lot of people don’t have the skills to build them or don’t have one in Tranquility to copy over. Would it be okay to build and sell the Supers in SISI and obtain ISK through Tranquility?

I guess if there’s a market, lol.

If you need ISK on Sisi, you buy 1000 dreads for 100 ISK and self destruct them to get insurance money. Why would you wait for a server mirror or cumbersomely earn ISK on TQ if you can make dozens of billions every 20 minutes on Sisi?

Your topic title is really misleading. Without the topic text I was under the impression you wanted to build supers on Sisi and sell those on TQ.

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It’s not the resources but that supers aren’t sold by the NPCs on the market so it takes time to make them if you want to use one on the test server (unless you already have one on TQ). The OP wants to charge real ISK on TQ for the service of providing supers on SiSi for testing.

You will have to file a petition and ask CCP for a definitive answer of course, but I don’t see an issue. You could argue that since the test server can be wiped at any time, your service might be a scam for a player who pays you and then loses their super to a wipe the next hour, but since you can just straight out scam in Eve I think it is fine. Buyer beware and all that and you are providing a service, not a tangible asset.

No it is not allowed, check number 8 of the general rules:
“8. Selling items on the Test server for ISK on TQ is not allowed.”


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