Testing a Nyx on Sisi

Wanted to jump onto Sisi to play with the Nyx in a PVE situation, and I have no idea how you can go about getting the hull? I do have one on TQ, but I can’t find its copy anywhere on Sisi. I’ve also checked contracts, no luck. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thank you!

for PVE? you’d need to use /moveme jump into M-0 then immediately warp to a gate a jump (as people will hunt you down in the main testing system, but cannot legally PVP unconsentually with you outside of that system)

The problem is getting the hull. I don’t know how to go about getting the Nyx itself.

So 2 things op,
First is that you may of gotten you nyx after sisi was mirrored, in which you need to ask around or trade for one. As sisi isnt updated on a daily basis. (I would ask someone that has one already on sisi thats in your Corp).

Ignore what Era said. Not to be disrespectful but using gates to move supers on sisi is even dumber than TQ. Sadly the GMs dont seem to enforce the rules so if you get caught your out of luck.

Your best bet to get your nyx out of M-O is to use the /MOVEME command to anywhere that’s closer to your destination an use a cyno from there.

Best of luck

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Oh wut- CCP doesn’t enforce those rules anymore?

Given that kills on SiSi mean absolutely nothing, and everything (except supers) is practically handed out for free, I can’t imagine a lot of devs give a crap what happens on SiSi. As long as official testing isn’t affected, reports about violations on SiSi probably get dumped into the same black hole bot reports go into.

My advice: if you really want to test things on SiSi, go somewhere a good distance away from a /moveme destination. Markets are seeded all over, and you can get pretty far away from M-O in a super with just a couple of jumps.

No, they don’t. Do yourself a favor, look up “corpse collectors alliance” and set them to red.

There are a few in contracts right now. I’ll make you a good deal on one or a Hel.

I have a few almost done building, send me mail.

:arrow_up: THIS :arrow_up:

They will lie cheat and steal to pop any and all Supers/Titans. Use the /moveme command to move to FD-MLJ. If you bring a Super or a Titan to the main system (M-OEE8) you’re likely to lose it.

*Fair Warning

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