Lost my ship on singularity

lost my nyx on singularity. i was doing a test in a guristas sanctum. when a devoter warped in on me and pointed me. then 3-7 other players warped on to me and proceesed to kill me. i did not give consent to engauge in pvp was this leagal?

you will lose more ships…sorry but ccp ceased fully to enforce rules,they dont care anymore anylonger about nonconsesual combat outside testing system,they simply dont care.
had my tcu and ihub reinforced by asshole and no help from anybody

Unfortunately @Amak_Boma is right. I tracked another topic of someone losing their stuff and tagged the devs several times and no comment from them or anything about the loss. @CCP_Guard

@GM_Sirius @GM_Mechanic @GM_Arcade @ISD_Nagrif maybe atleast one of GMs that is in range of singularity can come and fix the situation?
situation is critical

Situation is critical at CCP wait a little till PA tako over control and everything will be OK!
CCP just lost it.

before PA finish sisi will be crowded by things like this…

Funny in combat system no matter where you are ppl are allowed to kill you, if you wanna test something go elsewhere , read the rules carefully

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He was outside the combat zone… ya know, in a non-combat zone… he was killed without provocation. M-EE08 or whatever the sector is, is the only combat zone in SiSi. Meaning, that is the only area in SiSi, where you can do unprovoked PVP. Anywhere else is illegal. read the rules carefully.

He didn’t mention whether it was in m-0ee8 or not , how did you know it was outside the combat system? Are you a psychic?

This happened in m-o and was absolutely “legal”. case closed

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