Corp ignoring combat rules


EFE-X corp tackled and killed a Nyx on the sisi keepstar, ignoring the rules.

I’m not related to the guy who lost the nyx, but people who ignore the rules should be banned from the server…

Reporting players should be done via tickets, not forums.

its m-oeeb = pvp alllowed all around inside system

I was attacked, too… I couldn’t finish the test

Look mom, I’m famous!

Guys, listen this topic has been hashed, rehashed, recycled, reprocessed, repackaged and refined constantly over the past few years.

The one constant rule in Eve is don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. The only REAL test situation is the Masstest, and that is only announced by Devs.

Undocking is consent to pvp, understand this. The singularity rules ONLY apply during Masstest. Everything in the combat system, M-O is fair game at any time. You undock or de-tether, you have consented to pvp.

Do you even read the rules?

Can you quote which rule forbids ppl from attacking on ccp keepstar??

Either you didn’t read the rules or you don’t understand english…

there is a rule. on sisi just with consent. if u are not in a combatzone that ists forbidden. unfortunally no one cares…even not ccp.

my friend lost komodo in genimate…we need active moderation of sisi

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If you submit a ticket about this topic, CCP tells you to to give feedback in this forum, so it is a circle of misinformation.

you are doing wrong…hit f12 bugreport and screenshot any agression OUTSIDE m-oeeb …when ISD BH is active on local post ebr to him…that how u deal with nonconsesual combat outside testing system

that’s how that corp runs. No wonder nobody likes them, CCP wont do anything so the only way to do something is to do nothing now adays until they get bored and leave

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