Non-consensual combat during alliance training op

While doing a corp training op on the test server, our group had moved away from M-OEE8 to prevent other players from interfering. The following players jumped into system with supers and titans and proceeded to kill our pilots despite us telling them in local it was not welcome. The pictures attached include names, system, and ship types. Please contact me with any questions or any further action I need to take.

test%20red%20overview test%20server%20reds test%20system%20red

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This is bizarre and sad on so, so many levels…

Based on the threads about this that keep popping up, it seems become more frequent.

If the test server is going to have different rules, they should be enforced.


Just seems odd that what this was against the server rules of PvP by consent only, the fact they are trying to do a corp op there in the first place is also odd considering the primary purpose of Singularity and Duality is testing upcoming features and changes

I understand the frustration but…wat?

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As far as I understand it testing new features is what the test server is for, but you can also use it for testing & training your own or corp stuff. It’s very useful. Up until recently myself and a corp mate have been running PVP training on there. We’ve all see the rules and the statement about consequences yet there seems to be no enforcement of either. If it’s a case of abolishing the rules, lets do it, CCP put out a statement, Yay No Rules! But that would mean that people would be free to interfere with CCP’s own testing I suspect.

This is stupid, we had a very successful pvp training event on singularity every Wednesday. Many pilots in our alliance have had their first solo kill after weekly training. We are about to give up our Fight Club because of gankers. How come rules on Singularity are not enforced?


the only rule that’s enforced is the “no anchoring of bubbles” in m-o, and they do that with an NPC.
guys listen; don’t get your panties in a ball over sisi. it has no bearing on the live server whatsoever, and no one at ccp cares about our problems on it. it’s there for them to test new features and fixes before they go live, not for us to fart around and pretend to be space rock stars. they should just shut it down until they need it for testing; that way all these stupid ass threads with all the bitching and moaning will just go away. space is meant to be dangerous. if you undock, you consent to getting your ass podded back to the stone age.

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Pretty much this…if people want to train, do it in an 1.0 system as IMO, this server is being used incorrectly by some of the players.

  • No interfering with CCP, volunteer or player testing. Plain and simple, we are able to test stuff as well and should have no interference from others when testing stuff out!!!

dont forget it apply only during masstests not during regular server going!!

They need to ■■■■■■■ specify that. I’m not taking your word for it, because you can’t show proof of it, because rules.

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if they would not apply then people would be banned evrytime they break rules. so its clear you know answer…try to make non consesual combat during masstest you will get the ban for it

now do same thing after masstest…see difference?

You can’t buy supers on Sisi, you have to build them. If a mirror happens while you have supers in build there, tough. I found one on contracts for PLEX which i bought then moved to FD-MLJ where it was dropped on by a Revenant and Broadsword. Blew up 20 insured freighters to generate enough isk on Sisi to buy another contract Hel in a structure i could dock in.
Don’t come at me with that “Nothing matters on Sisi” nonsense, i want to work out how to handle a super, Fibos and burst projectors without some cancer goblin doing their ‘annoying coprophagy’ routine.


Nothing matters on sisi.
Don’t expect any sympathy from CCP or anyone here. Like I said, the only rule they really enforce is the “no anchored bubbles” in M-O, and they do that with an invincible NPC.
Sure it sucks, but did having a super on sisi really cost you anything but time? And honestly, it’s the internet. There are trolls, get used to it.

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