Players Killed Super on Keep Undock

These players continue to ignore Sisi rules and ruin it for all players genuinely trying to use Eve’s Testing Server. They run all day dropping Titans on anyone anywhere no matter the rules to get killmails off it. Please look into these incidents CCP.

What rule are we breaking in the combat system? You undock, you consent to pvp in M-O.
You want to talk about breaking rules, talk to that Celeru guy dropping dictor bubbles on top of the CCP keep and anchoring warp disruption bubbles all over. But no, please go ahead about us killing everything in sight in the combat system with ships that we either own on TQ or build on sisi.

  • Combat by consent only, EXCEPT in the designated combat system (M-OEE8, only on Singularity).
    So you undock in M-O, you consent to pvp.

Combat System (M-OEE8) Specific Additional Rules

  • No AoE warp inhibiting modules at the gate and the CCP owned structures (within 500 km).

So there you have it. We are not breaking any rules. We are just not letting you have any fun I suppose. Tragic.


Not breaking any rules?

As you wrote “Combat by consent only, EXCEPT in the designated combat system (M-OEE8, only on Singularity”

I don’t think that J-GAMP was a part of M-OEE8


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I never said anything about other systems and neither did OP.
I wasn’t involved in it, not my problem.

and what about using bad words ( very bad ) and what about claiming our system and killing our keepstars , you killed my keepsatr and sotyo 1 week after mirror
and read this :
Rules concerning Sovereignty and player owned infrastructure

  1. The first person to claim sovereignty in an unclaimed system is entitled to hold sovereignty in that system until such time as the claim becomes invalid.
  2. Exceptions from the above rule: If the sovereignty claiming is done with malicious intent, i.e. to disrupt other players’ testing, the right to sovereignty is void.
  3. Claiming or challenging sovereignty in a system already claimed by another alliance is not allowed without consent.
  4. The rule concerning non-consensual combat includes all structures (including POS and Upwell structures). Do not attack structures without permission from the owner!

    look at this screen shot

let’s ignore the fact you also killed 2 our structures in j-gamp

wanna talk about the 5+ you killed from Isevis, and the no allowing keep on Ca1

wanna talk about the rule that allows only 3 structures per a player? wanna talk about your keep spam killing server performance?

tell that to the men that anchor lot of keep on ca1 without allowing other to anchor only one because of “your keep will make the server low”

Oh wait 3 keep per player show me the rule ??
Oh I think there is no rules like that

we only have 3 for whole alliance in ca1, how is that even near to keep spam?

so 3 per alliance include like 1 for us right, or none for other having a Freeport isn’t banned as far as i know, you just want to kill all supercapitals that not yours, and because we have enough balls to fight you, you disallow neutral Freeport

i understood like 5% of your post… “we have enough balls to fight you” oh so that’s why you hide when we fight u with less ■■■■ than u have

less means maybe like 2 titans 2 super a hic and a dread vs 1 moros?

means like 14 your titans to 10 ours

14 titans from us, that’s not how many we have, 9 Vs 18 is what you did

Exactly, that Researcher guy anchored what 10 keepstars on the grid?
Jesus @Ida_Grimm talk out of both sides of your face at once?

that looks like j-gamp to me
oh wait, it can’t be. you are on the killmail and you don’t do any combat outside of the rules, do you?
hello pot, your name is kettle

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hmmmmm :thonking:

talk to your friend @isevisa_isevisa about language.
that guy is always talking about the nasty things he wants to do to us, outside of game.

but that’s none of my business

I do know i did break rules but that was just to reply the many keep you killed from Isevisa that have the right to anchor so, why don’t i have the right to talk here?