Non consented structure bash

Pilot name: sigdas Nardieu
Pilot used to spam bubbles around my public keepstar, now trying to bash my structure to the point it is annoying

Same person also being witnessed doing non consented pvp outside M-O system on a station (fd-mlj station iirc), I asked for a ban hammer last time, no ISD or CCP responded or actually ban him despite numerous apparent violation to the test server rules. If you guys in CCP set up those rules, you should actually enforce them, at least when people asked because that means they are really annoyed

Silly Rabbit…

CCP doesn’t give 2 shits about what happens on Sisi, unless they’re on there doing a Mass Test or something.

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Well then you won’t mind if we go @CCP_Goliath then.

You saw him in the other thread too, eh?

Yeah, I was hoping he’d be a name we could turn to for help on Sisi. But then he said they’ve got more important things to worry about. =)

Hello! Regarding the system of M-OEE8, that is designated for combat and is a state of free-for-all. If you would like to ensure your structure stays safe, please anchor it elsewhere. Thank you.

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What about the bubble spam though, it was outside M-O, picture proves are there, I asked him to leave but he just refused.

picture shwos that evrything happening iss in SYSTEM M-0EE8. all combat is allowed in said system your claims are invalid,put your sructure in poitot etc.

Please don’t misrepresent what I said - you are referring presumably to the comment I made about 2factor auth not functioning correctly on Sisi in all cases (where I said there is an open issue, and it’s with a team, but it’s not top of their priority list).

In this instance, I believe Dorrim has the right of it - the combat system allows free-for-all combat without prior consent. I will review the earlier case you linked, but will also note that we do not discuss actions taken.

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Dont cry about getting shot at in a combat zone. You may have wanted to be nice and provide services with the keepstar but youre in an area everybody and everything is a target.

wasen’t the changes to the system and the CCP keep and stuff to end all the petty bickering

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