Singularity, Unwanted Structure grinding

(deathfacade) #1

so ive moved out to fountain to test the citidels, engineering complex and refineries. theres this alliance that keeps trying to blow up mine and my friends structures, i thought this was against sisi rule, am i correct?

(deathfacade) #2

they have also set the local outpost in LIWW-P to almost 1b just to dock

(Celestial One) #3

yes both are against the rules

sisi rules

(deathfacade) #4

idk where to report this so i made this post, forgive me if i posted in the wrong place

(Amak Boma) #5

join massquestions,masstesting and seek for ccp around leave them reply there whe there is any CCP in channel sometimes devs are on local in 6-cz and fd-mij

(deathfacade) #6

honestly i just moved to a dif place, alot easier then hunting down CCP dudes on sisi tbh

(system) #7

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