Griefing, non consensual PVP

We are running an in house tournament for our alliance. We decided to run it on test server to avoid tq politics and be able to run uninterrupted. Seems some people had other thoughts. As an ISD member watched on they bridged in a cap fleet to interrupt the 3rd match of the day. They then camped for awhile. Bridged in again to do it a second time (after being warned by said ISD member) Then slung some sexual hate spam at said ISD member. Camped until we called it a night.

List of offending found here.

Video of incident here

Some gloating on eve discord about breaking the rules and no one caring from eve discord
Lex Arson - Today at 3:15 PM
i guess they shut down the tourney and they’re all petitioning for us to get banned
isd let us off with a warning :smirk:

Im sure you can get more info from your ISD member

Is there a mod looking at this thread?

CCP most likely has already dealt with the problem as an ISD member very likely got their attention a bit more directly.

I would suggest posting it on r/Eve to get a response except it will probably be down-voted by the same players doing the griefing.

we were told by CCP Customer Support to make a post here, so again I ask, has a mod seen this? Is CCP going to take action, as I am not getting any results from any path.

This is the worst experience I have had with CCP Customer support to Date

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Yeah, good luck on your quest. I have seen dozens of similiar griefing threads re: Singularity. Personally, I ouldn’t waste any more time on the teat server. CCP isn’t interested in addressing the griefing issues or listening to feedback for that matter, either.

Are they still doing it?

Try reddit. Word on the forums says thats the fastest way.


Thanks for the wonderful and helpful response CCP close the thread.

Best of luck. After the last few rounds of Abyss testing, I’m not 100% sure CCP even remembers they have a test server. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Didn’t want to comment before getting a better insight into what occurred. I now have that and while I want to wait for a couple of people to return from vacation before taking any action (which we will not be discussing publically), I am not happy with what occurred here. To OP, sorry you had to wait so long for a response, but I also would like to reinforce that the test server is not a good place to run a tournament - we may take it down with little notice, things might not work, etc.

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ISD’s modus operandi is to give offenders a warning or two and then disappear completely while said offenders continue as before.

Seen it dozens of times in help chat.

Its not about the tournament, its the harassment. I am more then willing to accept any of the technical issues you mentioned and would not have issue working around it. The fact remains these specific group of players are harassing me and my members which I thought was against the ULA. Feel free to look back at my CSM Campaign post on CCP forums for further evidence of this.

have you tried doing it in another system? one far from these jackholes

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