Another smartass shooting outside station


This guy’s going at it from hours, doesn’t answer convo, just keeps shooting everything outside station.

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It’s a test server… relax.

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Doesn’t matter. There are rules for the test server. There are only certain systems where non-consentual PvP is allowed. Would be nice if CCP would perma-ban anyone caught breaking the rules. That would put an end to it instantly…


The rules are in place to allow for testing. That kind of ■■■■ is weak as.


Make a support ticket under harassment. He’ll be sorted eventually.

Support tickets go to the TQ team - who politely refuse to do anything about it and refer any tickets regarding SiSi to these forums.

Until and unless people stop being griefers, because EVE, there should be at least someone, or some way, to get support for what is becoming a constant issue.

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Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat systems (6-CZ49 and PVH8-0, only on Singularity).

PHVB is almost always empty so hard to do bs vs bs combat. in 6-cz when trying that atleast one supercarrier or titan lands or whole fleet.

reporting system is completly broken,they dont care about it so when station agressor is on,you have to make justice on your own by killing the agrssor,currently there is no other way to stop sation killers.

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gank him back…

Insta’s don’t work on the test server?

quick, someone hold my jar of tears i have to take a leak

This troll was attacking me as well, preventing me from testing abyssal fits. 94

I’ve tried that and they tell me to post it here because the people who deal with the test server don’t deal with support tickets.

I would say dont worry to much anymore, the mirror is happening soon and station combat wont be able to happen due to tethering

Kind of hard to “relax” when some pleeb is literally preventing you from using services you are paying good money for. You undock a fit you want to try in an abyssal and immidiately get a 15 minute “you can’t do that!” timer, or get your ship blasted and have to wait 24 hours to /copyships in order to get that fit, officer modules included, populated back to sisi, and see if you don’t get pissed off.

I’ve read that they actually say they will do this, but I don’t see any follow through from them on it when we complain about trolls like this. Put in a support ticket and they tell us to post here for the test server people to handle because support tickets are for Tranquility only, then we do as CCP tells us and get to put up with yet more trolls commenting BS like…

If that is what they are going to do, that would be great. In the mean time, I’m doing what CCP said to do.

1: No interfering with CCP, volunteer or player testing.


Breach of the rules may result in disciplinary actions up to (perma-)banning from the test server (including alt accounts).
Disciplinary actions are non-negotiable.

…and yet it happens continuously, with nothing on that entire page telling us where or how to report such actions. The logical solution being to put in a support ticket, to which CCP simply says “Wrong office… go post on the test server forums”, where instead of getting a response from a CCP mod dealing with the griefers, we get smart xxxes telling us to just live with it, most likely some of the same people who are doing the griefing in the first place trying to downplay it as a non issue.

Yup indeed thats what they will do, there will be a seeded keepstar in the system of m-oee8 on sisi next mirror.

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Thank god! Hopefully they will also resolve the /copyships command (rather than getting rid of it) so that it produces our ships whereever we are docked, so that we no longer have to undock them from the old fashioned station at 6-C and try to fly them there past these griefers!