Pvper on Station Video Proof

Proof pvper on station sisi

It’s like people forget there’s the aspect of testing that goes on on the “test server.” It’s probably a guy and his alt testing out the new damage scaling mechanic and interactions ffs.

EVE is a PVP game.

EVE may be a PVP game but Sisi has special rules. Your comment is irrelevant.
Marcus is possibly right, but could still be wrong. We don’t know. And while I am getting tired of these repeat posts by the same guy about this issue, he isn’t wrong. People should just follow the rules.
I only break them myself when someone is griefing a friend of mine in a cap on station (ie bumping him repeatedly). That is the only time i will kill and pod such idiots on Sisi.

The rules aren’t difficult to follow. If you wanna bump people, go do it in Jita on TQ. I literally do not comprehend that sort of behaviour on a test server when it is allowed on the live server, where it has actual consequences (and possible rewards with suicide ganking or ransoms etc).

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It is not allowed on that station on sisi @Ildrara unless there is consent to it.

@Jason_Flamerad OP never specified.

Because people overlook this rule so constantly:

Combat systems (6-CZ49, PVH8-0) specific additional rules

No fighting or other aggressive actions within 500km of the station and gates (no targeted or AoE warp inhibiting modules).
No capitals in PVH8-0. The system is cyno jammed and found capitals will be moved to 6-CZ49 or destroyed.

There’s even a beacon above the only station in system stating so.

Reading is Universal.

False. No pvp on the station means…NO pvp on the station. Reading is hard.

oh ok sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you mean outside the station?
When you walk outside of your house are you then on top of it?

Srsly dude, the purpose of “No fighting or other aggressive actions within 500km of the station” is to grant everyone safe undock. I can’t call that an “aggressive action” since he is just shooting his own 2d window, which does not hurt anyone. Like, really, rules are not the tools to f*ck someone up, rules are made to maintain some consistency and protect you from unwanted interactions in this case.
Also, notice that near the station the guy is protected from any interference in his testing. On any PvP beacon he can be attacked by anyone. And from what you have filmed I can say that someone is just testing DPS, not harassing.
Honestly, I don’t even understand why it is bothering you that much -_- And to all who wrote “reading is hard”… well, it seems that thinking is way harder than reading.

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