Griefing Player Testing on test server

There is a group of people griefing on singularity server breaking the following rules on the test server.

General rules
2. Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8, only on Singularity).

Breach of the rules may result in disciplinary actions up to (perma-)banning from the test server (including alt accounts).
Disciplinary actions are non-negotiable.

i’m trying to test out super carrier and these people keep on killing me making me unable to test it. the only system i found to have combat sites are V0DF-2. Please help remove these people.

Please enforce your own rules. Thanks.

screenshot proof

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file bug report hit key F12 in game… ISDs dont react to forum posts about rule break anymore,only big report working as axe agaist rule breakers

the only time, and I do mean ONLY time they enforce that rule is during mass test. I don’t know how many times people have to be told this, but CCP has clarified this issue on any number of occasions.
Don’t bother, they don’t have time for your problems.
I’ve told people many time, go claim sov somewhere away from tribute; delve, content ring, rifis, wherever just gtfo of dodge and they probably wont waste time coming to look for you. find a system with a seeded npc station and park your keepstar nearby. then go get sov as close as possible, it will take you some ‘testing time’ but at least the liklihood of them coming to get you is very low.

what is the point of having rules when they are ignored?

in that case, just remove the rules so i can join in the griefing.

like I said, the rules are enforced during mass testing. but enforcing them the rest of the time is not something they have the time nor the patience to do.

killed many ships outside m-o system (mostly killing throught moveme wormholes) and no ban… thats eoungh proof that the rules does not exsist for regular sisi going but only for masstests.

Rule number 2

sisi goes by different rules. i suggest you google and read them up.

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The salt is of the purest of forms.

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LOL you sweet summer child. I have been on the forefront of this issue for years, and have incontrovertible proof that it is how I tell you it is.

So YOU might want to actually do some research before opening your mouth.
Let’s see… it’s your first time posting? Hmmm how long have I been here? Why don’t you google that?

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