Engaugeing in pvp without my consent is this legal?

lost my nyx wile doing a test on the sisi server. i was in a guristas sanctum when 4-7 players warped in and killed my nyx.


If you were not in M-OEE8 then no, it is against the rules. File a ticket and let CCP know.

Remember though, the test server is primarily for CCP’s testing, not yours. Don’t expect the same level of service or support on the test server and use it at your own risk.

But still report them. People should respect the rules and CCP might ban them from the test server for such behaviour.

tickets related to singularity are never handled,they are auto-closed.

ccp does not care if any1 lost ship outside testing system. i got my ihub and tcu reinforced

ccp clearly display they do not have any rules,evryone can attack evryone evrywhere. theres no limitations. there is no punishment on offenders and there is no statement from ccp…simply rules for sisi DOES NOT EXSIST, they are NEVER ENFORCED …

Life isn’t fair, but the test server was never even advertised as fair. CCP can also just wipe the whole server on a moments notice or take it down and re-image it.

You can still report them. Send a polite note to @CCP_Falcon, or perhaps @CCP_Paradox or @CCP_Goliath and let them know of the rules violation. But I think you need to get over it. It’s just the test server: just get a new ship, and go try again - nothing really matters there so enforcing rules there is also going to be a low priority.

ship is ship but TCU/IHUB was reinforced too i tried kill broadsword but he got alt with nyx ad blapped me… do you think they will respond…anyway how do you send polite notes or whatever.

problem with ccp is lack of cooperation while maintenaining high wall of ignorance…problem with ccp is very simple,they DONT enforce rules,if they did then non consesual combat would be not issue,right now people even get ganked in wormholes on sisi.

in past lost keepstar in moveme wormhole because of this. … if rules are set then why they are not enforced?? this is very silly

In M-OEE8 by any chance? The one system where the entire system is pvp?

system this happened V0DF-2 one jump from moeeb

and ccp wont do notthing

M-0ee8 ppl don’t need to ask for your consent… you are free target for everyone if you aren’t tethered or docked, wanna do a proper test? Go to other systems , there are thousands of systems on disk and you have to test in the only system where people are allowed to pvp freely… not so bright…

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