Griefing on Singularity Keepstar?

My Nyx was popped on the keepstar. Last I played Sisi popping on a CCP owned station was a no-go. This was done in poor taste as I was waiting to dock, only to find out that I couldn’t dock. In other words, I had little to no chance because I didn’t realize there was an issue with me docking until I was half way through shields (shield tanked).

Can I at least get my Nyx back? I know it’s silly, but I’m learning how to use it effectively and griefing like this is silly and pointless.

Buy a new Nyx… it’s only 100 ISK in the designated Markets.

I haven’t seen this in M-0, am I missing something?

Thanks for your timely response.

M-0 may or may not have a market but there should be one not too far from it.

I haven’t seen it :frowning: everyone says extract then build

It would seem that you do need to build it yourself, on that note everything you need to build it only costs 100 ISK. Production time with a TE:0 BPO is 16D 9h 29m 36s, using the Sotiyo :anguished:

Yes, very happy that we can build them easily as I did not know this, but I am still disappointed that this happened for no reason other than that someone wanted a test server kill :frowning:

Not much to you can do about the loss, CCP offer little support for issues on SISI, unfortunately. if you really want to make an effort to try, I won’t stop you, however don’t get your hopes up.

build new nyx or buy new one.

They’re in the oven and I have to extract alts to buy a new one. My only point with this is that it was a really crappy thing to do. Obviously stuff like that on the test server isn’t important, but when it’s something I have to extract my alts for…

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