So Am i **** in space with my Super?

Long story short. I left for 2 years, and now I would like to come back but I’m docked in my Super in a citadel that no longer exists since it has been destroyed.

When I enter the character logon screen it says I’m inside my Nyx - undocked - in a very hostile place, where another alliance now lives. - What can be done here? Can I get Devs to move it? Not sure I wish to return only to lose such a ship from the start.

So the best option for you would be to get your cyno setup somewhere in range and wait till the system is quiet enough to log on and jump. Or maybe you could even just try joining the Corp who owns the space long enough to get it docked.

They won’t move it.

sounds like my first 20-40 hours in eve gonna be a mission to save the Super. Well that’s not what i was planning for, maybe for another year…

i can light you a cyno lmk


Or you could just leave the super there and play the game with your other characters.

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Maybe there are public cynos which are safe to jump to.


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You can contact an official diplomat. He can arrange the transfer of the Super. You sell it, they give you a free-out coupon and a nice amount of ISK. or you can takeyour chances, it’s not that it’s something you can’t afford to loose, right?

Always put a cloak on your super if you’re going AWOL for an extended period of time.


Wait till you find out how much your super is worth compared to the before times…


There is people coming back to the game, asking for suggestions what they should do next…

Well, looks like you got something to do! :wink:

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Yes, you can ask a GM to move it for you. Whether they do or not is on a whim and it’ll come down to your CCP pet status.

You could also login just before down time after scouting the grid space, then cyno out. Even if caught you might tank unless you grab DD’s.

this is the fate for so many people and this is most likely why they left in the first place its supposed to be a game you play for fun not to stress over…its why i never set foot in a titan or super

As soon as you login, you can click the capacitor and self-destruct. If nobody shoots you within 2 minutes, then you will die quietly.


So, what have we learned today, folks? Never log off while sitting in a cap/super/titan in a player structure. Now, if you had an old super alt that logged off in an old starbase, I would understand.

A super back in the day was $40’s, no sweat.

Yeah tell that to ppl who got stranded in pochven, their stuff where in NPC station too, how about that?

They are not stranded and can cyno out also Pochven Supers are worth nearly double so, I feel good for them I guess.


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Yes, you are truly right.

Killing spaceships in a PvP spaceship killing game is SUPER TOXIC.

My therapist is just glad that I’m not killing spaceships in real life.


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