How to move dread/carrier suitcases now?

Forgive me if this is clearly covered, but I didn’t find anything here or on reddit for some reason.

When I last stopped playing, I had recently acquired a dread. Along with a lot of ships, I was thinking about returning soon and wanted to get my dread about 10 jumps across the galaxy to where I might move next. I was looking up getting a cyno alt going on my second account, but I now see they changed it so only recons and blops can create those.
As an aside, I see how that could be a good change for the general state of eve, but at the individual level, this really sucks…

So cyno alt is kind of months away now, and I won’t bother. But I do have a second pvper, which I could get into a recon soon, but that is an expensive ship to risk at each of the low sec stations I would need to stop at along the way.
Is there a way to do this relatively safely?
If I brick tank a recon on my alt and then open a cyno, I could jump my dread to it and dock up. But the recon is sitting there for 5 minutes. What if he gets attacked? Could I undock in my dread (or possibly some other logi ship that I was carrying in my dread) and rep it until the timer is over. Hopefully that would be sufficient?
I barely ever do logi, so if I did do that, would my logi or dread be able to dock as soon as the 5 minutes is up, or would I have to wait a minute? Even if I couldn’t immediately redock, I can’t imagine there would be much that could kill a dread in 1 minute outside of getting absolutely cap dropped.

I wouldn’t want to start playing again without getting all my pvp ships to where I would move next, so all the sudden, I’m a bit less excited to start playing again. I understand I could ask for some cyno escort from the new group I would join, but asking them to help me move across the galaxy for the FNG is quite a bit to ask…

That’s the risk you take now.

You’ve got the main concept down, but there’s just a greater investment that you need to risk when moving your Caps.

Well…caps can take gates now…so maybe…


Ask your group to assist you, I think. If they won’t help a corpie with how to or escort…is it really a group you want to be with anyway?


I get that it’s more risky, and true, I guess a corp that won’t assist isn’t ideal.

But I would still just like to understand the potential mechanics of self logi.

I warp cap to station/upwell structure. Recon is stuck for 5 minutes. Cap proceeds to remote rep recon in event it gets attacked.

Can the dread/carrier dock at any time? i.e. does it get denied docking if it remote reps? Or could I theoretically remote rep the recon till 5 minutes is up and dock both safely?
But let’s say they warp in a huge fleet and my dread starts going down or the recon is just lost. Could I just dock the dread up, or do I need to stop repping and wait a minute?

Does remote repping break tether? if yes, can it still at least dock immediately?

Assuming remote repping is a viable way of keeping the recon alive while station/upwell hopping, would I need to duel my alt each time? I wouldn’t think so since I’m just repping, and as long as the cyno creator isn’t criminal, the dread wouldn’t gain any aggression timers, right?

I’m fairly certain you’ll get an aggression timer for repairing a ship under attack, though I might be mistaken.

Even then, you cap won’t be tethered (because it’s locking your Recon), meaning hostiles can just drop on you, point you (prevents you from re-tethering), and then kill you anyway.

If you’re pointed, you cannot dock in an upwell structure.

Locking anything will break tether.

Maybe. If you receive a Weapon Aggression timer, no, you cannot dock. If you’re pointed during the time you’re untethered, you will not be able to re-tether or dock up.

I’m gonna be honest, it doesn’t sound like you’re ready for, or have the experience necessary to be flying a capital ship if these are the type of questions you’re asking. But if I were in your position, I’d just sell it and buy a new one wherever else I was headed.

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