2 Cents on cyno changes from returning player

o7 folks.

I just returned after a 2 year break, and just want to give my thoughts on the new changes.

My playstyle has mainly been smallgang/smallgroup nullsec play. And that’s what i find most fun in the game Seeking solo fights, and other small groups to fight.

I had all my stuff in asset safity when i came back (mainly a bunch of fitted pvp ships, and modules to go with them, allong with some other stuff. I needed about 30 bill to get it all out. (can be done peacemeal) and thought it was a great challange to grind the isk, and get some ships to blow up.

Now i have come to the point where i have gotten allot of ships out of asset safity after allot of work, but from here the problems is starting to mount up.

First off, the concept of the suitcase cap seem to be dead. The current system i have my stuff in is one of those hellcamped ones, so theres little chance of me getting them out without loosing a bunch of 500mill force recon ships. Plan b, release my jumpfreighter, rip out all the t2 riggs from my combatships, and get them out that way. Releast my jumpfreighter, got some stash out to sell, so i could release more, then found the system cynojammed :frowning:

Now don’t get me wrong. i’m not here to whine about not getting my stuff back, and changes making things hard.

The problem i have is that my whole way of playing seems to have gone out the whindow.

Being able to be mobile, and move under the radar of the big blocks was vital to this way of playing. If there was no content where we were, we could pack up a carrier each, with a small selection of combatships, and move to another region with small groups to fight.

I know this is still possible by using other means, but the time/isksinks and the clunkyness of doing that now seems like it’s just not worth it anymore.

Maybe me solo, or a small group shuldn’t be able to move some ships from, say Catch to Syndicate to seek out other groups to fight, without spending weeks in logistics, and months to grind back the lost isk from the move. But for me this seems like a contradiction to what CCP proclaim they are trying to achieve. If they expected the same people who before used a rookiship as a cyno, to now do the same in an Arazu, and thus have more “content” created by tornados blapping them in lowsec, i think they are are gravely mistaken. For me, and people i fly with, the result will just be staying home.

No fights to be had for me, nor the group we came to fight.

I am in general very on board with allot of the changes, and not being able to fit cyno to rookieships and capitals, i am all on board with. But making going somewere specific for a few fights a logistical nightmare just kill more content then it creates, and i’m back on the fence if it’s really worth comming back to the game at all.

TLDR: Changes making moving around harder, allso makes getting fights harder.


Join a better group…pvp roams going on where I live at all hours of the day every day, none of them seem to be having issues finding fights without cynos and capitals at the rdy.

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Mine too and i absolutely love these changes because not every single time you get a fight a cyno gets lit and you get blobbed to death. It’s still possible but requires specialized ships and needs more planing.

Players are roaming arround more instead of waiting lazy for the bridge to gank some poor souls that tried to attack cynobait N°134. For me, the fun with roaming fleets have improved drastically thanks to these changes.

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o come on now we have Needlejack Filaments to jump
you can change region every 10 minutes and pardon my french
you need to be a stupid cuck to not find a fight using it

Quit whining. CCP has it all under control and EVE is the best game in the world. It’s not for a lot of people so it’ll stay at about 20k players with most having many accounts ( me included ) but it’s still a beautiful game with so much content I cannot chose what to do from one moment to the next.
If you cannot find content for you style of gameplay it simply means EVE isn’t for you…anymore.

Why don’t you just send your stuff to lowsec?

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Oioi allot of people here seem to misunderstand what i talk about here.

The reason for moving a carrier/dread, is not for dropping it on someone, or find A random fight.

The carrier/dread have a special cargohold called Fleethangar, where you can fit about 2 fitted battleships, or an asortment of smaller ships with equal m3. That way you can bring multiple ships to any NPC null region, and stay there for a few weeks or however long you want, finding locals to brawl with.

What the changes take away is the ability for a small group, or a small part of a bigger one, to do a deployment near another group. Or atleast not without it being so much hassle that the effort is worth it.

I know i can travel through wormholes and needlejacks, but the result is very random, and the stars really have to allign to get to the right place at the right time with the right ships for fights to occur.

With a suitcase, if you get somewere where the locals can’t/won’t fight what you bring, you can ship down, and have great content for both sides.

In essence, hindering mobility allso hinders content wich i think is bad.

I totally agree with this, and taking away blobbing and umbrellas is a good thing.

But there are other ways it could have been done so to not make moving around so clumsy. Specially now that so many systems is cynojammed on top.

I would love it if there was a cyno that could for instance only send through one ship. and it could only be fitted to, say a battlecruiser or something. That way you actually have a posibility to battle your way to the target location, instead of a ship that is totally useless for anything other then supportship in larger fleets.

You can probably find flaws with my solution, but atleast it wouldn’t be that restrictive on people trying to get out there and find content


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