Life after cyno change

It’s been a few weeks since cyno change and I’m curious if it’s had the impact either ther Devs or the players anticipated. From my pov, I see not much happening. With my main in Delve, play time has been quiet with occasional raids by worm holers. No wars and only real action is when goons form up a roam and go north. So is lack of cyno ships anything to do with this or would we be just as quiet before the chaos changes were made.
I was going to activate my 2nd acct. to use as a cyno to get some of my asset safety items into Delve but not worth the effort now. Thoughts?

There is no lack of cyno ships, its a matter of jumping around and using a much more expensive ship for a sitting target. I know a number of people that are now upset over going from using a rookie ship to a 200-300m cruiser after they had to wait to do all the training and aswell as getting it to usable positions without getting popped on the way followed by waiting for the system to be clear so its not a sitting target for someone.

before you did them a favor killing their cyno ship

For players who left for many years, and came back to find all their cyno alts and ships useless, it was great incentive not to waste any money on this game. All the dumbass mechanics they’ve added to jumping, should have been restricted to 0.0 space.

I see activity as the same. Only difference is people are losing more expensive cynos. A lot of heavy tanked hauler cynos are around and people are more likely to defend both the industrial and t1 cynos. Less risk of being dropped by caps has some different implications for fleets. Increased gameplay for cynos on station other than just getting the rookie ship blapped.

I just returned after a few years. I’m like. “Yeah. Winter’s commin. I’ll fire up some Eve Accounts, Get into a Rorqual, Have a few laughs…”

  • Spend nearly a month gathering and selling all my crap (you all know the routine)
  • Get enough so I could buy a rorqual
  • Trained up my mining Orca alt to a Rorqual.
  • Bought one for a bit of a deal
  • Gathered up a little ship and a cyno so I could move it to somewhere useful
  • Light up the cyno
  • ** CRUSHED **

Cant even package it up and move it somewhere.

I remember why I quit now. Too many drastic changes to the game making most online historical documentation irrelevant. Before you do anything you got to read a Uni courses worth of BS before you even start, all the while wading through a pile of incorrect and outdated information.

All I wanted to do is move the damn thing somewhere useful. Jumping around from low sec station to low sec station was dangerous enough.

I appreciate the game and all CCP. But you guys need to do something right the first time and quit changing stuff so much. Work with what you got.

You can fly a Rorqual but can’t light a cyno fitted to a Venture or a T1 Hauler?

This kind of sounds like a you problem tbh.

Rorquals can’t jump to those. The poorly named “Industrial Cyno” doesn’t allow that.

Which is a good thing, in my opinion. But the name is definitely crap.

i stand corrected. still you should be able to afford a covops or a recon

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