A More Varied Cyno Ship Whitelist That Still Accomplishes CCP's Goals

So it’s no secret that this announced cyno update has been super controversial. However, most people agree that this kind of change would be beneficial to the game, just not in the announced form. So with this in mind I present a more varied list of ships that could garner some more support from the community.

Heavy Interdiction Cruisers
This class allows for the tackling and escalation against unsupported supercapital forces. They’re still fairly expensive (especially those designed to tackle supers), and not too fast.

T3Cs (Hull Bonus)
This is the fastest and most versatile class of ship to receive the cyno ability, however it can be extremely expensive to make this viable, and the loss of skill points also makes people think twice before wasting them.

All Recon Ships
I see no reason to not expand to combat recons in this category, they offer a bit more tank but switch the cloak for invisibility on D-Scan, all at the same cost.

Command Ships
These ships offer a true ‘hard cyno’ class for those willing to put a bil + on the line to get their ships on grid. The skill and cost restriction means these will likely only be used for cap v cap fights.

Battleships - All Classes
This is now the cheapest class of ship to allow cynos. They’re tanky, but extremely slow, easy to waterboard, and still at least 200 mil for a reasonable fit. These may seem out of place, but it’s my opinion that a T1 class is absolutely required if CCP want to see any reasonable amount of capital usage in the future outside of large scale (and SRPed) fleets.

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No way, ESPECIALLY on the HIC, T3x and dscan immune Recons.

Battleships, too many. Command ships, I am not seeing the advantage, but if there is then NO.


Would you like to specify a reason that you think those are not good ships for cynos?

I thought about command ships also, only form the RP prospective. Balance wise I don’t know if they offer much that capital ships can’t already do better.

Other than that, no to all others.

The HIC already has an important role, dscan immunity should not also be able to cyno. T3s already have balance issues.

These ideas are really dumb. Mostly because they’re just desperate attempts to render the change effectively meaningless.

Stop trying to bargain and keep the game the same. Things are going to change, adopting your suggestions would make this change have little to no effect.

the dscan immunity is a non-issue, the current proposal has them in use by CLOAKY recons

The OP has other ideas…

CCPs stated goal was to provide counterplay against capitals, more specifically cyno ships. Not to kill capital warfare altogether.

A good cyno Mino can have a few million EHP at very little cost, and removing one from the field is nearly impossible without doomsdays. Likewise cyno ceptors and Corvettes allowed for rapid-response cynos at very little cost. Those are the kinds of ships that are being targeted by this change. CCP just in their usual manner decided to go overboard

My proposal simply offers some more variation than a 300 mil ship with almost no tank and a 1+ bil ship that no one in their right mind would use as a cyno. It makes capital warfare still viable, just with the loopholes that CCP are targeting filled in.

Here’s the key part.

You want a ship that has heavy tank that can easily replace the current cynos of today.

This is because the EVE community has “solved” and “figured out” how to use Cynos. Because of this, y’all are too afraid and too scared of changes that deviate away from this solution. Instead of accepting the challenge and learning to adapt, you’re going through some weird bargaining to try and keep things the same.

“Sure, we can change the ships that can cyno, but leave us with the heaviest brick tanked ships so that our strategy fundamentally does not change.”

If your suggestion were to go through, a month later people will just cry and moan about how the change hasn’t been meaningful because people still play in the exact same way as before.

I’m not sure if you actually have prior experience with cynos and capital warfare, but this is just wrong. Capitals themselves were by far the tankiest cyno ships and among the most exploited. The second most exploited class was industrials, which could be passive fit cheaply allowing them to tank a few hundred EHP/s with 10 hours worth of ozone in their holds.

No class of ship here allows you to have a guaranteed hard cyno like capitals offered; even a brick command ship can be alphaed through by a decent sized fleet. Likewise there’s no “throwaway AFK” cyno ships like industrials that barely cost anything and can be relatively safely left for hours with the cyno running. Hell I’ve even made sure to avoid the possibility of things like ceptor cynos which are critical to many capital fleets in their current form.

What I’m trying to prevent is a world in which whenever someone wants to light a cyno they have to accept that they’re probably going to lose their 300 million isk ship that has less tank than a battlecruiser to do it. That’s not balance, that’s absurd.

And what I am saying, is that instead of adapting to this change, you’re coming up with silly ways to bargain with CCP so that you don’t have to change your ways.

Cynos aren’t going to be something you can just throw around willy nilly anymore, unless you’re willing to risk that cost with either a Recon or a Blops. You’re going to have to make a clear decision about when and where to use them, instead of just throwing them on any ship you feel like.

The game is changing. Get used to it and figure out how to adapt. Stop trying to keep things the same.

Yeah, way to go pointing out the obvious. I’m glad most people are capable of understanding that hard cynos on capitals was dumb. But that doesn’t change the fact that people are still trying to bargain and provide alternatives to the hard cyno.

They realize that hard cynos on Capitals won’t be a thing anymore. So what’s the next best thing? Hics, Command Ships, other extremely beefy subcaps that can survive easily enough on grid without being immediately deleted like a squishy Blops or a cruiser hull with barely any ehp.

Stop bargaining. Start adapting.

So you’re basically arguing “CCP should do whatever the hell they want despite any potential consequences and everyone should just learn to adapt” without any knowledge of the thing they’re trying to change or the effects the change could have. Good to know, carry on.

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