Cyno's Changes Suggestion

I’d like to suggest that Flag Cruisers, Command Ships, and Command Destroyers be allowed to carry regular Cynosural Field Generators.

They’re generally expensive ships, and storywise they’re command ships. As command ships, they would normally be piloted by commanders, fleet leaders, etc. And should be able to call in capital ships to their positions.

Also, as an aside, I think it’d be cool to have command battleships.

Command destroyers are too mobile for this.

Flagcruiser hells no its way too tanky and way too hard to destroy to be allowed to use cyno.

Commandship - fine I guess but is also a super tanky ship in general.

Command Destroyer is way too mobile to be allowed to use cynos.

If command Destroyers are too mobile for a cyno then stealth bombers should be to mobile for a covert cyno

lets see them shift all cyno’s to the force recon if there not going to expand the number of ships able to do a regular cyno’s than covert should be just as restricted

Covert cyno don’t drop capitals. They drop sub caps.
Sub caps are already more mobile so to be worthwhile obviously covert cynos are more mobile.
Try some logical deduction and you might understand this sort of thing about why a fast ship with a mjd might make it too easy to cyno capitals in.

I do not follow your augment who cares what a cyno can drop the act of lighting a cyno is the issue if a force recon is needed to light a regular cyno than it should be the same for a covert cyno the act of lighting the cyno isn’t changing just the effect the cyno has and what a covert cyno is for wont change if only a force recon can light it

Everyone who understands game design? Obviously it matters what a cyno can drop because that determines how powerful the effect is. Nobody cares how mobile a freighter-only cyno is because if you’re dumb enough to drop a freighter into the middle of a fight all you’ve done is give a free killmail to the other side. But if that cyno just dropped a dozen capital ships suddenly that’s something that has a massive effect on the fight.

Command Ships and such being tanky would allow them to survive a little while in order to get cynos onto the field, instead of being insta-popped off the field.

Yup, that’s why this is a bad change.

Lolwut? Having cynos involve strategic choices instead of playing RNG with the server timing to see how many jumps are resolved before the incoming fire is resolved is a bad thing? Balance cynos with longer duration in mind if you have to, but having the cyno ship last long enough to bring in the fleet is a good thing.

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