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I have a dream. From a ship which can Block cynos. And it could be possible. The new Precursor ships are special. My idea was to make a Precursor Heavy Interdictor but with the option to fit a Cynosural Inhibitor Generator. This would be a modul which can block Cynos. Maybe you can do it like the normal Warp Disruption Field Generator and get scrips for focus and area Cyno blocking. Everything else would work like a normal Heavy Interdictor. Remote Repairer etc.


This already exists, and any ship can use it. It’s a deployable structure called a ‘Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor’.

but after 2min deploying time this is instant

Gonna throw this thread over to Player Features and Ideas.

These cyno inhibitor ideas ive been seeing miss the point of a cyno in the first place.

I put on a cyno so that if, ‘You and Yours’, drop on my ship i can call, “My alts and My Bros”, to disavow you of the idea that you’re going to see my ship explode today, in fact, I am going to watch your entire fleet get vaporized before you realized why i nicknamed my cyno. “Titans and Faxes and Carriers, oh my!”.

(ive never baited any hotdrops but you get the idea)

(okay, full disclosure, there may have been a few rorqual baits i was involved in, in which the opposing fleet was, in fact, entirely vaporized in seconds).

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That is not a good thing.

MAybe a cyno break like how target breaks work. Since shooting down a capital with an open cyno might pose some difficulty. So disturbing already opened cynos instead of blocking new ones would be better.
And it could work like Defender missiles against Bombs. But this would collapse the cynosural field with its own burst. Could apply some area of effect around disturbed cynosural fields.

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thats a plan too. Its going in the right direction. Something to block or destroy cynos. But maybe this Cyno breaker is to broken. If any ship can fit it like a burst jammer you can have 100 Bombers with it. Or you can make a Bait hig with cyno, jump in a carrier and break the cyno so that the hig can burn back to the target. I think my idea is not bad. I mean you have to change a DPS ship in small gang fleets (for the goons: Small Gang under 10 ships) to the special ship. And if a cyno is already up you cant do anything about it.

What is not good? I mean you have to burn to the target, activate it and you cant get remote reps. So you are a slow ship in range of the Enemy and your tank is reduced to the local reps. Every Supercarrier / Titan can kill you every easy. with Rorquals and carrier its a little bit difficulty but not impossible.

Your Alts and your Bros are 100 Titans and you gonna drop everyone who is in jump range even T1 frig. Thats like nuking Japain because they have balls and fight. I cant change anything about that but i like to see unquallfied capital pilots who think they are the king and get dunked by a few men. and I think you are one of those otherwise you would not have so many alts. So get on my level… ah nevermind you have to leave your capital for that.

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You feel you are entitled to be able to better contest opponents that you shouldn’t even have on your mental radar because they outclass you by a huge margin, that is the problem, the solutions are:

  1. stay as you are and go fight some lone wolf in lowsec.

  2. Join a sizable organization of pvp’rs and contest against the big boys.

There isnt an option 3) where you get power buffed because you want to fight against organizations you have no reason to be even thinking about fighting.

  1. Im not a lone wolf i have my small gang. Im just try to make these game better for Small gang groups like me who dont want to get dropped on every gate. But you dont understand that because you only can press f1 and dont understand any fleet command except of jump to.

  2. like on the china server where are only 2 alliances? where you have a 5000men titan fleet and alpha every titan? no thanks i dont want that.

  3. Look at gonns and test there is only Bombersbar and a few frig gangs because you cant play there anymore

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