[Suggestion] Cyno Disrubtion Bubble for the Interdiction Launcher


Cyno Disrubtion Bubble for the Interdiction Sphere Launcher.
Like the Warp Dis. Bubble.
I know many had this idea befor and i will bring it again on the table.

The Thing is, the Cyno Jamming Mobil “Dingsti Bumsi” is not realy interessting in PVP.
Because Nobodys would Warp in a gang an lite up a cyno if you see one these Things in the overview.
And/or droping it at the begining a fight…

So like my postings before…
Sorry for my bad English, and be polite and constructiv.


Kira Hhallas

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then you also know why its a bad idea and are just cluttering up the forums

these would simply become a first to cyno and jam wins

Bubble has a R=12km… so you can make a cyno but not directly at the “insert ship Type here”.

For exemple. There is a Brutix at 50km at a WH in 00, you know it is a cyno bait … so what can you do before someone drop 3 Caps + Faux + the inner hell on an 15 Man small gang … nothing.

My Point is … ist to easy to make Cyno for fast reinforcements. Yes ist is nice to do that, i know it. And this tactic has also there right.

I think, it will made bigger Fleet fights more difficault, but i tihink it will improve small gang PVP.

Think about it, and Play i through out of the POV of a smaller gang without Cyno Backup…
You cannot Counter a Cyno…

If your worm-holing into sov space its no longer small gang. Your invading an alliances back yard. And without caps they could just chill there with a massive supcap fleet to blap you the second you drop that anti cyno module because they know you have committed.

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Yeah the module Need to be 300s to be anchored… so that why i think i would be a good thing to have it like a interdiction probe bubble from a sphere launcher.
Nobody said something about, you have to jam the hole grid or System …

You almost understand how many ships you can let jump through a 3 billion ton of mass wormhole if you intent to go back the same way.

Well. Would it be possible to instead of preventing the cyno from working, instead scatter the people jumping in about the grid. So instead of ships jumping in, landing 5k km off the cyno ship they would land say 25-100k km off.

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… see that’s where this idea tends to break down every time you people bring it up

this is eve there will be more than one of these ships dropping bubbles

So okay, i see many posting with, this do not work or this is a bad idea.
So tell me why ? We could Play it trough. Like in a projekt managment.

Analyse - Idea - planning - implementing.

And from time to time revisiting stuff…

So yes, there will be a bunch of Sabre, Flycatcher etc… droping bubbles.
In a good Organized Alliance with Scouts, fast Tackler, there are also a FEAR Team.
And People and alliances will adapt and an built new strategies.
So be more productive … like @Amarisen Gream

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and it doesn’t even need a slot? F No!


We have allready a Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor.

This structure, once deployed and having completed its automatic activation process, will prevent nearly all cynosural fields being activated within its range. Covert fields can still be used, which is why it is up to the intrepid capsuleer to maintain a relaxed situational awareness, go about their daily duties, and mercilessly shoot out of the sky any black ops infiltrators who might have made it through.

100km effective range
Two minute activation time.

May not be deployed within 200km of another Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor, within 75km of Stargates, Stations or Upwell Structures, or within 40km of a Starbase. Cannot be retrieved once deployed.
Self-destructs after one hour of operation.

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