Cyno Inhibitor Bubble

Introducing the all new CYNO disrupt probe (usable with interdiction sphere launcher)

The new CYNO bubble will prevent any CYNO module to be activated within the area of effect of the bubble similar to how the Warp Disrupt Probe works.

*Requires interdiction sphere launcher and a Hero!

It can be used in Nullsec and Lowsec Systems

Type: Probe
Deployed from an Interdiction Sphere Launcher fitted to an Interdictor this probe prevents Cynosural Field Generator from working within its area of effect.
Volume: 5 M3
Mass: 1 Kg
Structure Hitpoints: 1000 HP
Maximum Flight Time: 120.00 S
Signature Radius: 90 M
Inertia Modifier: 1000X
Cyno Disruption Range: 20 km
Used with: (Launcher Group) Interdiction Sphere Launcher
Tech Level: 1
Rate of fire Bonus: 0%


Bubbles in lowsec, what are you thinking ?

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Invulnerable cyno inhibitors ?

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Its a Bubble that prevents cyno modules from working within the bubble area of effect. So yes it can be used in lowsec.

The Cyno disrupt probe has a timer just like the Warp disrupt probe has, or you can kill the interdictor that is launching them or you can get out of the area of effect.

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You can smartbomb interdiction probes, I would expect these to be the same.

On the plus side it would give dics a reason to fly in lowsec (beyond roams that just happened into lowsec).

Downside, it wouldn’t be overly useful. Just like warp disruption probes if you get the cyno up before they bubble, it won’t help you. And cynos are a click away, which means as soon as they see a dic landing on grid they just light their cyno early. The only time it would really work is in a gate camp.


We already have Mobile Cynosural Inhibitors, as this would almost completely replace them in terms of use, why not just adjust these or add a “light cyno inhib” with a smaller range and activation time

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Suggestions and ideas on this subject are welcome. The main point of all this is that CYNO needs some kind of counter since there is no reliable way of countering it in game at this moment. The Mobile Anchorable CYNO inhibitor takes too long to anchor 2 minutes so it really renders it useless. We need to think of new reliable ways to counter a CYNO which is the most powerful and abused weapon in game.

How about the bubble not only prevents cyno module from lighting up but also turns off any cyno that was already lighted?

That becomes an instant hard counter to cynos, which I would say is too much.

Even now, the current CCP implementation (not speaking to their satisfaction with it) requires a 2 minute spoolup on a mobile cyno inhib. An instant cyno inhib would be an immediate buff already; making it kill open cynos would be a tenfold increase in power.


True! still I really think CYNOS need some kind of effective counter, it is the most abused and overpowered weapon in this game in my opinion.

There is a good reason that cyno inhibitors have an anchoring time, so it can reasonably be countered by people that are not AFK.

Your id is OP and not ‘heroic’. Heroic is not having the game so lopsided in your favor that no real effort is required on your part, so go out there with a cyno inhibitor in your ship and be a true hero!

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