Warp Disruption Field Generator Script Idea

Hello Dev Team and Players,

I thought the other day, how cool it would be if there would be a Cyno-Inhibitor Script for the Warp Disruption Field Generator. :smiley:
It would have the same cycle time and energy consumption like the other scrips for that module, and the HIC would as well not be able to be repped while activated.
Range depends on the Meta level and the HIC skill like usually, but All Level V max range would be 100 km, like on the Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor.

What do you guys think?



I don’t hate it.


Be careful you dont make a situation where one side can escalate to capitals and activate a bunch of these to prevent the enemy from matching.

The mci takes 2 minutes to activate and cannot be deployed within 200km of each other.

Personally, I think this belongs on a blops battleship.

The way I see it, it gives them a role in actually jumping to shoot something. They jump in to screw the bait attempt up. Or that rorqual who has all the time in the world to light a cyno and call in 500 friends. Now they’ve gotta gate there to respond.

It’s not like a blops battleship isn’t a substantial risk on-grid; they’re soft, cost billions, and although they hit hard, have little to no actual value on-grid compared to bombers.

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