Mobile cynosural inhibitor changes

  • affecting already active cynos (drops ships that jump at random spots or at the sun… or disable completely after some time)
  • increased range. 300km+

The module has currently very limited use (borderline useless) since everyone is dropping a cyno before the inhib can anchor.
Even if it anchors (or was pre-anchored) and the damsel in distress can’t light a cyno, all it takes is someone warping at 100 and lighting a new one. 100km is optimal engagement range for carriers and doctrine ships so all it does is delaying response by 20 seconds. Drop further away would allow for some defensive play with bubbles and killing fighters.


Would be cool if cyno’s had stage’s:

CYNO WHITE 0 - 29 seconds.
The cyno cannot be used yet.

CYNO BLUE 30 seconds to 59 seconds.
Jump frightor’s and sub cap’s using a titan bridge can use a cyno blue.

CYNO GREEN 1min - 1min 59 seconds.
Carrier’s and Dread’s can use a cyno green.

CYNO RED 2minute’s - End of Cyno.
Super carrier’s and Titans can use a cyno red.

Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor
Anchor time 30 second’s range 300km’s, once it fully anchor’s all active cyno’s pause their timer’s and the cyno ship’s get locked in place, no other cyno’s can be actived within the inhibitor’s range. Once it does all active timers tick again and new cyno’s can be lit.

This give’s some counter play to cyno game’s and will force all alliance’s to have a strong enough sub cap fleet to hold the line while either defending or killing the cyno inhibitor slowly ticking down the time until GG DROP.

If a cyno is dropped at 400km’s from an old one this gives the cyno’ing side enough time to get more sub cap’s in before it get’s probed down and maybe a few carrier’s dread’s if the defending side isn’t fast enough.

Something that would be an extra + would be if combat interceptor’s had a Cynosural Inhibition Generator which when activated drop’s a cyno inhibitor pulse that last’s 30 second’s with a 25km range (3minute cooldown) giving them something unique and useful.

A bit complicated and would hurt small groups (the 3 left on server) more than big ones. Less supers would die (bait dies before dreads can jump). More to code etc.

Make the combat ceptor invisible in local chat too and I’m sold :blush:

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Haha yea, balance is a tricky thing xD but idea’s/number’s can be changed, I do agree that something needs to change with mobile cyno inhibitor’s as they are only good for defense atm.

Tbh I don’t think limiting cap’s would hurt smaller group’s as smaller group’s usually use skill and tactic’s to their advantage to win an engagement, capital’s don’t require any of that atm they are pure brute force the more the merrier.

Yes, please. And make them cheaper to produce.

Can definitely see the range change, I would make it more.

But not the existing cynos., -1 on that. Those already have a counter, which is to be blown up.

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