Cynosural MEGA-nerf suggestion

It’s TOO EASY now to catch Battleships and Marauders with cynosural drop-teams on stargates.

Most of unwanted catches happened within stargates. This crippling PVP activity for such type of ships - less people are wanting to use them on daily basis, casually. Making the gameplay ONE-DIMENSIONAL (bad!)

However, it’s still possible to fly Marauder in remote space, like Syndicate, with relative safety, but you can’t do this in, say, Black Rise lowsecs.

Another, more general side of a problem is that it’s too easy to deliver forces RIGHT INTO THE BATTLEFIELD, at your weapon’s optimal range. In real world, troop logistics wins the war, so, I feel, such huge advantage should COST MORE or be restricted in some way.
Number of solutions to choice from:
1)) Restrict lighting a CYNO at the same grid with a stargate.
In this case all incoming ships should re-warp to the desired destination.

2)) Restrict lighting a CYNO within 75km-200km-400km from a stargate.
In this case incoming ships land in the same grid and have the ability to open fire instantly, but tackling from a CYNO ship is impossible due to long range.

3)) Implement “SENSOR RECALIBRATION TIME” modifier - 60sec - to all teleported ships, so, defending force can either withdraw or destroy the CYNO ship.
Remember: instant delivery of forces right into battle should COST more! Since this is a huge advantage.

4)) Boost “Mobile Cynosural Inhibitor” module.
Reduce anchoring time to 5-6seconds.
Increase HP pool 2-3 times.
Decrease signature radius, so bigger ships should spend more time to lock on and ONE-SHOT.
Decrease production costs 2-3times.
Allow to anchor it EVERYWHERE notwithstanding of stargates, structures or another MCI proximity.
P.S.: Please, tell what you think. I recently was participating in so-called drop-ops and this is disgusting. I will continue to do this to harden the matter, so more people will complain and DEVS might eventually fix this diabolic problem!!1

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and even with your change, you won’t because the people you try to nerf can easily work around this limitation.

The cost was already increased 2000 fold with the cyno nerfs years ago. Before that time, you could light a cyno on a free noobship; now you need a ship that costs at least 250M.

Good luck with that suggestion. Curbstomping an Ibis with 12 BlackOps (while probably having a Cap- and Supercap Escalation in the Backhand ^^) is called “content” these days and rumor says there are more Cyno-Recons out there than Combat Ships.

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Cost-Balancing has never worked in a game where vets, older corps and alliances are so rich, that ISK simply does not matter any more. Especially for an activity that is so one-sided and risk-averse as hotdropping. :rofl:

A friend just suggested a BRILLIANT IDEA!
To fit an active module on a ship (Battleship, Heavy Interdictor?) which JAMs cynosural field activation within 40-100-150km (discuss distance).
Same as warp disruption bubble, but for lighting cynos.

A script for HIC Warp Disruption Generators that creates a Cyno-Inhibiting Bubble of x km Radius (debatable) and a Cyno-Inhibiting Probe for Interdictor’s Probe Launchers were already suggested earlier afaik (both working in LowSec of course). Not a bad addition to the game imho. It would force hotdroppers at least to bring in their forces at range instead of having all their tackle, dps, ewar etc. at zero to their hopelessly outnumbered target.

However, the most important things that needs to be done are:

  • spool up timer for Cyno Generators (aka no instant cyno after decloaking), lenght debatable
  • spool up timer for Jump Drives (depending on ship size, aka no instant jumping after cyno is up), length debatable

This would at least re-establish the old cyno-balance from a decade ago when system-change and gridload took roughly a minute, so the hotdropped target had between 45 and 90 seconds to react to the incoming threat, by repositioning, overheating on the cyno ship, disengaging or bringing in own reinforcements. Again, this wouldn’t be a nerf, it would just be back-to-normal when cynos were working as intended before fibre connections, SSDs and power machines were the hardware standard and the system-jump was overhauled.

Overall goal must be, to bring back a reaction window for the hotdropped side before the reinforcements can actually engage, shorter for BlackOps/CovertDrops, longer for Bridges/CapDrops.


Someone got SNUFF’dropped…

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Number 4 or a battleship/HIC module would represent a significant nerf to umbrellas, especially if the inhibitor module works on a BLOPs. Why do you think PvE needs a nerf?

I think you should just stick to high-sec buddy

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so not only do you want dropping to be nerfed, but you want counter drops to be nerfed, removing content?

Nothing is removed. You simply couldn’t jump instantly and on zero any more. If you have successfully baited someone into an engagement, nothing prevents you from just opening the cyno 50km off, outside of an inhibitor bubble or 200km off and warping into the fray from there. But it gives the hotdropped side at least a chance to react instead of being outnumbered at zero within seconds. For capital drops/counterdrops exactly nothing would change, as they are in siege and can’t leave instantly anyway. Stop whining, the current kind of curbstomp-hotdrops is not ‘content’, it’s a cancer that turned large parts of the EVE map into a boring trench-war, a barren wasteland full of paranoia and baits and that cancer needs to be cut out deeply and measures have to be taken that it can’t regrow.

This reaction window already exists and in some cases it is quite long – it occurs entirely before the drop.

If you lost something to a drop, you failed to use eyes and check local for sussy toons following you, didn’t pay attention to your surroundings, didn’t pay attention to dscan, didn’t check for kills on gates recently, didn’t pay attention to jump ranges, etc – all during this window of when you were being hunted.

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Have you ever thought to take your own advice?

You claim that its a “free win” but cynos and the ships to bring in on a cyno are expenisve, have you ever thought instead of asking ccp to remove a gameplay option you dont like, Why dont you just counter it and fight back? oh wait but then you might loose a ship right?

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You should team up with Rixx Javix.

One day he pompously tweeted he was unequivocally starting a campaign to remove all cynos from LowSec.

When people started laughing at him he backpedaled furiously saying he was only “sampling opinions mmmk”.

You two deserve each other.

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Sry, but neither are Cyno Ships “expensive” for the groups that use them, nor would it make any sense to “fight back” in terms of spaceship combat against a group a thousand times more numerous, wealthy and powerful as I am. I pick my weapons and battles wisely, just as you do. Thus I will keep advocating for nerfing any kind of power projection to the bone. Wherever and whenever I see fit. And should CCP finally listen and nerf hotdropping, your “playstyle” might suffer, but others might thrive without the constant threat of being curbstomped from lightyears away via a magic teleporter by groups like yours. Thats not the end of EVE, many tactics and playstyles that once were viable were adapted, nerfed, removed over time. New and other, and hopefully better ways of engagements will arise.

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So, First off the “Cyno ship” isnt expensive i agree, But the ships coming through the cynos are right? Carriers, Dreads, Blackops. All pretty expensive ships.

Secondly, Nerfing of cynos doesnt just mean you nerf my playstyle, Your literally nerfing everyone in null, Pve playstyles, PVp playstyles, Your changing the game considerably because one time you died because you didnt pay attention to local and got hot dropped.

Thirdly, You say theres no point fighting back, but You say theres no point due to them being more powerful, wealthy and numerous, is that not something they have worked for and put effort into? So what your saying it its not fair that people with more skill, Time playing the game, And money can beat a scrub like you?

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Also, why are cynos such a problem? Is it because people cant see what the enemies bringing without proper intel and so can choose if to engage or run away?

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And all are almost exclusively used on occasions where victory is assured almost 100%. The win-ratio (huge) and points-ratio (miniscule) of the kills on the killboards speak lengths. These expensive toys are usually used to curbstomp targets that cannot fight back anyway. And if, rarely, one is lost, it is because of a mistake, probably because the baiter got baited by someone bigger.

You mix up things here with personal attacks. I didn’t die to a hotdrop in years. And I couldn’t care less for ship losses. I just don’t like hotdropping because I find it cowardly, lazy and imbalanced towards newer and smaller groups who basically have neither the experience nor the manpower nor the knowledge nor the escalation potential to deal with the constant hotdropping threat from lightyears away. It’s really ridiculous to demand that someone who just wants to go roam in his handfull of BCs or Cruisers should keep a list of hotdropping corps, their alts, their stagings, their jumpranges… Thats why you don’t see these groups in LowSec any more. They are all dead and/or left ages ago. Just for you: I have the Redeemer on Mastery V for ages and enough money to fit a dozen of them without breaking asweat, but I decide not to use that nonsense because I do find it disgusting.

LowSec had a flourishing smallscale community all over the different regions a decade ago, with 10-30 member corps living next to each other in different pockets, brawling it out here and there, mostly without blue standings. That were hundreds of players (yeah, real people) that offered skirmishes, opportunities to fight - and good fight - not blobbing each other. More often than not people knew and respected each other and really no one would have come to the idea that it would be benefitial to anyone if one group would excert so much control over an area that no one else could settle in there.

All that died shortly after the famous RnK videos where everyone saw what Titanbridges can do and everyone and their dog got Cap and Cyno alts and joined or formed some big groups that only had one business: drop everyone who isn’t out of the water by three with a hugely superior force that ensures victory. And these days it’s just BlackOps instead. Thats not combat. Thats cheap thrills.

Yes, exactly. Needing “proper Intel” for every engagement destroys ten times more content than all those hotdrops ever create. Because people simply leave those areas where you can’t make a move without having half a dozen scouts checking every staging, knowing all the possible bait- and cyno-alts, checking zKill of all the guys in local and the systems around for hotdrops before engaging anyone. Thats stupid, non-enjoyable and boring gameplay. But groups like yours created an environment where you bascially have to hotdrop, because you blob so hard and crushed everyone else around that you can’t even find fights the normal way any more. Yes, thats the sad truth: Nobody would even engage you the normal way, because everyone knows how little interest you guys have in a good fight (which would require that it is at least halfway balanced and winnable for both sides). It’s all about escalating, blobbing and winning, and that is why you really need cynos, I can understand that.


[quote=“Syzygium, post:18, topic:419489, full:true, username:Syzygium”]

This comment right here shows how little you know about the video game eve online, The ENTIRE point of using these ships is that if you get baited, you get some ■■■■■■■ awesome brawls out of it, but you wouldnt know about that, As your just a solo player that lives in a wormhole and probably knows extremly little about anything other than bashing undefended POS towers, and usiing 6 people to blob miners :')

X to Doubt, highly. Blackops game play is a lot of fun and extremmly risky, Because your using expensive ships that can be counter dropped very easily, and beaten just as easy.

Still does, you should check it out, Low sec is more healthy and fun than its ever been with more and more groups coming into faction warefare space.

So i shouldnt be allowed to use my 2b battleship to have FUN in a video game? Your actually insane.

So its really bad that we played the game, Got good at it and practiced? Do you hear yourself?

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Well at least I don’t sneak up cloaked on someone and hit him with a hotdrop from some systems away. And someone farming noobships in a T3 should probably not even dare to poke others about good or bad kills.

I think thats a point for me. Now keep doubting.

Guess why, because you can’t open Cynos in the FW plexes to hotdrop someone. :rofl:

You should, have all fun in the world. Just not instantly over large distances, because thats a serious disbalance. Nobody wants to take them away. I bet with proper preparation you can still make some kills even if your Cynoship has to open the CovertCyno 30km away instead on zero of the lonely Vexor you are going to blap with your 10 BlackOps friends. The point is, that more power always must come with less mobility. Cost balancing is completely useless in a game like EVE, it will only benefit the rich Vets and big established groups. Cynos and BlackOps should still work. Just not instantly on zero any more. And guess what, your victories would be a LOT more valuable if your bait actually would have to survive a minute and/or the freighter you are about to catch would needed to be bumped a few times before bringing him down with the combat force.

But, honestly, to save everyone the pointless discussion: lets just agree that we have a 100% differing opinions on the matter and probably won’t find a real common ground here. You can feel free to argue pro hotdropping all day long, I will go continue arguing against it. And I believe you that you are convinced what you think is the best for the game, just rest assured that I feel the same. Have a nice day.

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