[Suggestion] Cynosural Field Duration reduction

The Cynosural Field as it currently exists seems to be something few have looked (spoken about) into it feels. However may issues with Null Sec can be rooted back to this oft used tool of capital travel.

The Cyno as we know it currently lasts 10 min and is a warpable object on everyone in systems overview. It can be fit to any ship in the game as a high slot and uses Liquid Ozone to fuel it based on the charactrers skil level with Cynosural Field Generation. (500-250) After disscussions with several other players (Primarially Kendar of Space Violence (Goons)) I have decided to write up a why I (and a few others) feel this module should be changed and what are likely effects this will have to the life of Null Sec and Low Sec space.

– Duration of this module reduced from 10 min to 5.

Ok, now the meat and potatos of why this shuld be a change, in my opinion.

The current Duration of Cyno allows too long for a tackled ship to bring in Support, specifically the Rorqual who can also use the PANIC Module in conjunction with it’s Cyno to make it a 7 min unkillable Cyno. This suggestion would leave the Rorqual Cyno at 3 min, plenty of time for an orginized group to respond or form a makeshift response.

The Mobile Cyno Inhib is an almost useless deployable currently as the target has 2 full minutes to light their Cyno after it is anchored then can wait out the 10 min cycle with no use to the Inhib. With this new duration a ship that lights a Cyno when teh Inhib is dropped would have 3 min after the Inhib goes online still with a Cyno up but then be turned off, effectivly requiring more orginized fleets to support the tackled ratter/miner/poor SOB.

The Liquid Ozone market is flooded and this may (though unlikely) have a small effect on increasing the use of LO in New Eden.

This is a purely Quality of Life adjustment that I feel would have sweeping effects in Null Sec (I’m not very knowledgable in Low Sec) easy to implament, at least the basic premise of duration. All suggestions beyond the duration could come or go… But the duration is the key suggestion to improve life in Eve.

NOTE: This suggestion does not apply to Covert Cyno. The one min duration as they are now is perfect.

You could also think of another way, limilar to how Warpdrives and Warp Scrambler/Disruptors work, assign the Cyno and the Cyno inhibitor values (negative for the inhibtor) so that even if a cyno do get lit, there will only be a 2min window from the time a inhibitor is dropped (if not destroyed).
Once the cyno inhibitor is online it will render all active cynos inert and prevent new beacons being lit within it’s field of effect.

Just outright reducing the duration of cyno helps the enemy more than it’s a benefit to yourself, I’m sure you can agree that an enemy locked in position for 10min is better than only for 5min.

If you can’t kill your enemy in 5 min why would the full 10 make much difference? I fail to see this as an assist to either side more than the other, except maybe for attacking/defending a Cyno’d Cap/Super/Rorq and then this favors the attacker.

Also I believe the coding involved in making an Inhib shut off an active Cyno will make a few Devs kill us for suggesting it, though I would love to see this work…

Also, nothing outside an active Cyno Inhib stops someone from letting the Cyno run more cycles…

Damn my edits to add more thoughts…

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