Cyno suggestions

Some suggestions regarding possible changes and improvements to cynosural game mechanics:

Due to cynosural fields being able to be used by any ship, players are understandably cautious about engaging other players in low/null sec systems. Cynosural fields should therefore be limited to a specific type of ship e.g. combat recons (e.g. ordinary cynos) and force recons (e.g. black-ops cynos) - or possibly even an entirely new ship class with frigate/cruiser/battleship hulls for different uses. This would allow individuals and gangs to engage more targets and only require excessive caution when specific ships were present.

Currently, the only limit to the number of ships that can pass through a cyno is time - so a single Ibis can be a fleet of hundreds (or more). Cynosural fields should only allow a relatively small number of ships to use the beacon per activation, limiting the size of the force that each ship can project e.g. 10 vessels. This would require large capital fleets to first have a fleet of cyno ships enter the target area, or to hold space and defend a smaller fleet of cyno ships across multiple activation’s.

Cynosural fields should also have a spool-up time similar to that of MJD - if jumping 100km away warrants an activation delay, why does having 100+ caps land on top of you not require a delay?

Spool up timer i like. Gives people a chance to stop an incoming cyno or encourage cyno’s to be lit off grid. On the fence about certain ships though. All capitals should be capable of lighting cyno’s i think.

I should say that I’ve never flown caps and in my entire game time have jumped to one cyno pre jump fatigue. So I’m fully prepared to be told I’m wrong here.

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This just sounds to me like another way of getting safety in non-safe space. With use of D-Scan you can now know exactly if a ship is either non-cyno or a specialized cyno enabled ship.

I do however support the spool up timer.

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have you ever seen what happens when you jump 100 capitals to a cyno all at once?

Bump Mechanics happen. LOTS of bumps and expensive capitals go zooming off every which way.

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To start with:

No, I just bridge in 10 more cynos first. Or 100. Or my faxes jump in, light their own cynos, and then the dreads and carriers jump in. If they’ve got 100+ caps as you mention, they will easily have enough cyno alts. This change would just make things more annoying without changing anything.

Players should never feel safe. You should never feel safe engaging a target. Jumping into the river to see if there are crocodiles is exactly the approach I believe CCP wants you to use. If you’re really afraid they’re going to drop on you, you should swap into a cheaper doctrine. Or have your own capitals ready to drop on them. Dread bomb them once and they won’t even think of doing it again.

MJDs require activation delays because they allow ships to escape. Very quickly. How insanely hard would it be to catch a nano battlecruiser with an instant MJD? CCP wants to make it easier for fights to happen, not for fights to be avoided. A cyno on the other hand enables a fight (the fairness of which is a relatively moot point), which is why there is currently no activation delay.

I guess the underlying question is are Cynos a tactical or strategic resource (or both)?

If they’re tactical they’re intended to be used to sway the battle as it happens. If this is the case, a spoolup of any meaningful duration could be a dramatic nerf, and potentially crippling to covert cynos.


  1. Does this suggestion apply to covert cynos?
  2. Do you feel that tactical usage of a cyno is unwarranted?
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