Cyno Changes (not a trollpost)

(zluq zabaa) #1

Since everything gets changed/nerfed/buffed and people discuss endlessly about one or the other class of ships being OP or total crap, how about we broaden the view and finally rework how Cynos do? Don’t get me wrong: Cynos are an important part of gameplay and shouldn’t be nerfed, but it is a fact that the way they work makes certain types of gameplay less viable (and less fun for some).

My proposal is quite simple:
Reduce scan resolution on ships that jump onto a Cynosurial Field for 10 seconds by 80% and maybe give us a Skill to reduce that to a minimum of 40-60%.

You will still be able to lock larger things in reasonable time, while smaller targets get a chance to use their brains and escape. Unless they are webbed and hard tackled, so they don’t get an all around free pass. Or the droppers need to adapt as well and bridge some fast-locking ships etc.

I think it would be a healthy and balanced change, so @CCP please do it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well… opinions?

(Linus Gorp) #2

Any hunter that lights a cyno without having hard tackle first is a retard and in fleet combat situations this wouldn’t change anything.

So really, all your idea does is delay the demise of an unfortunate victim by a mere few seconds.

(zluq zabaa) #3

Agreed. If you are AB fit you could still burn out of tackle range though, unless there is more pressure on you. Right now the only alternative is to stay out of hard tackle range to begin with, ergo kite.

My proposal wasn’t intended to be any major change in how fleet combat works, because I don’t think that is were cynos are a problem. Also it shouldn’t interfere too much with catching ratting carriers etc.

For PVP affine small gang or solo people who want to brawl once in a while being hotdropped should also not be - off limits - just there should be an option for these guys to go out there and have fun. So they need a chance to disengage.

  • Edit: it is this whole T3C vs. HAC discussion in another thread that reminded me that in real EVE player behaviour has much more influence on how fights go down than fitting possibilities for specific ships. At least 7 guys I know have become inactive for a long time mainly to them not being happy with everyone either being afraid of cynos and thus not giving fights or carrying cynos. While hotdropping someone is and should be an option, there needs to be more counter-play than counter-dropping or kiting to cater for the needs of the solo/small gang (bittervet) brawler.

  • Edit 2: I mean there would be more options to make that happen, but I think this would be the least invasive and least influencing other situations.

(The Phynix) #4

I’d rather a discussion around ships materialising around the cyno at a distance corresponding to model size (or at least mass) so we can do away with the more severe bumping of caps.

Caps bumping off cynos will always be a thing, but it’d be nice to avoid it on smaller drops and mitigate it on mass jumps.

(zluq zabaa) #5

Why not combine it? If there was a rework on Cyno mechanics, what you mention should absolutetly be solved as well.

(Suitonia) #6

I think this would be a nice idea, although you would have to solve the problem with JFs and Capitals jumping to stations/citadels. With a wider cyno radius they would not appear in docking range as of current.

(Alexandria Aesirial) #7

Thats very true, maybe have a precision cyno? Ahah

(Tipa Riot) #8

To throw in a radical opinion … make cynos a one time deployable with a lifetime of one minute. Cyno ships and cyno alts introduce no meaningful gameplay. Also Upwell structures shall be able to work as a cyno, so you can jump directly to them. Again lighting a cyno with a cyno alt in tethering range does not introduce meaningful gameplay, just inconvenience.

(CowRocket Void) #9

Citadel cyno beacons are coming soon™.

(Calcinus) #10

Give cynos a spool up timer like MJD with a clearly visible animation so that you have a chance to fight and kill the cyno immediately or force them to use meaningful ships.

(zluq zabaa) #11

Yes, that was my 2nd option. Make it so that while spooling up the cynoship is still able to move normally, giving advantage to pilots who can manage to time their cynos wisely.

(Sarah Vanessa) #12

If Jumpfreighters Still Jump on Station or not theire own Citadell they are doing something Wrong… isnt that much of an Afford to place a Citadell these days and if a Super jumps on the Citadell i gonna lol at him can Thethered…
with that change u would just nerf the Blobs and they are solo mostly Useless… or even not used that often…