Since there are allready coming changes to cynos, here some little suggestions

For the most part, I like the changes coming to cynosural fields. Since you are in the process of touching the mechanics, here are some little things, that could be beneficial, without changing the core of the new mechanic.

Since using a cynosural field generator makes a recon / black ops immobile for the duration of the module, give some additional features to the ship activating it:

  • Increased resistances for shield, armor and hull during operation so you have some chance to survive
  • Inability to target other ships while cynosural field generator is active

Add new meta level cynosural field generators:

  • Cynosural Field Generator I - as is
  • Cynosural Field Generator II - reduced duration -10%, increased liquid ozone consumption +10%
  • Faction Cynosural Field Generator - reduced duration -20%, increased liquid ozone consumption +20%
  • Deep space / Officer Cynosural Field Generator - reduced duration -30%, increased liquid ozone consumption +30%


  • Covert Cynosural Field Theory
  • Cynosural Field Fuel Conservation
  • Cynosural Field Optimization (-5% reduced duration per level)

In my opinion, every ship that is able to fit a jump drive generator (Black Ops, Titans) should also be able to fit a cynosural field generator.

Ah, yet more bargaining.

“The cyno changes are gonna force me to change how I play!! So in order to make it so that I don’t have to change how I play, here are some suggestions to keep everything the same!”

I usually dont respond to trolls, but this is so stupid…

  • No cyno noob-frigs anymore
  • As good as nobody uses force recons or black ops for cynos right now.
  • Everybody has to remove cynos from their capital ships.

So tell me, how does this not force to change the way we use cynos in the future?

I think it makes sense to include different meta of cyno modules with better properties. It’s one of the few items remaining in-game that doesn’t.

As for buffing the tank…ehhh, that I’m iffy on. And here’s why: my main concern with the cyno changes is that, in effect, they won’t really change anything. Instead of any random ship lighting a cyno and having a fleet bridge/jump in, any random covert ship will light a covert cyno, have a force recon or BlOps bridge/jump in, and then they’ll light the cyno. It won’t inhibit combat drops, it’ll just make them more complicated and harder for smaller groups to pull off.

If you want to actually change how capital ships and jjump drives work, you have to make sure that cynos aren’t limited to, you know, jump capable vessels.

And that needs to be sorted to be sorted before even thinking about things like adding tanking mechanics to cynos.

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