Interdiction Sphere Launcher Probe Variants

Hello all,

This thread is to compile and discuss ideas for new warp disrupt probes variants.

In: there is brief mention by @CCP_Rise of a potential interdictor update considered by Team Talos.


Some fun balance team wants to look at is:
Make other dictors more viable
More types of bubbles
A Triglavian dictor where the bubble gets bigger over time
Tech I versions of dictors and recons
Dictor bubbles with webbing effect or ewar effects instead of warp disruption
Webbing dictors could help combat the evasive coward meta

Name Maximum Flight Time (s) Warp Disruption Range (km)
“Expanding” Warp Disrupt Probe 120 ? to ? over time
Micro-Surgical Warp Disrupt Probe 240 5
Surgical Warp Disrupt Probe 180 10
Warp Disrupt Probe 120 20
“Placeholder” Warp Disrupt Probe 60 30
“Placeholder” Warp Disrupt Probe 30 40
“Placeholder” Warp Disrupt Probe 15 50
“Placeholder” Warp Disrupt Probe 7.5 60
“Placeholder” Warp Disrupt Probe 3.75 70
Name Structure HP
Warp Disrupt Probe 1000
“Reduced HP” Warp Disrupt Probe 35
Name Maximum Flight Time (s) Warp Disruption Range (km)
Abyssal Warp Disrupt Probe ? -? ? -?
Name Effect
Cynosural Disrupt “Inhibitor” Probe Cyno Inhibitor Bubble (previous suggested version of this variant) The single charge that will FIX EVE and Jump Disruption Probe oder Jump Disruption Field Generator(previous suggested version of this variant)
Manual delay warp disrupt probe Manual delay activation timer on interdiction probes (previous suggested version of this variant)
“Scram” probe Bubbles : time for some variety? (previous suggested version of this variant)
Orange gas bubble Penalty to Shield Booster boosting and remote Shield Repair (-40%). Bubbles : time for some variety? (previous suggested version of this variant)
Blue gas bubble : +300% Signature Radius (4.0x signature radius multiplier). Bubbles : time for some variety? (previous suggested version of this variant)
Yellow gas bubble : Penalty to local and remote Armor Repair (-40%). Bubbles : time for some variety? (previous suggested version of this variant)
“Abyss-wide environmental effect” probe Electrical, Dark, Exotic, Firestorm, Gamma Penalty Type only
Maximum Flight Time (s) Warp Disruption Range (km)
“Intermittent” warp disrupt probe Intermittent activation over the maximum flight time 20
“Tethered” warp disrupt probe
Focused Warp Disrupt Probe
“MJD” disrupt probe
Maximum Flight Time (s) Warp Disruption Range (km)
Warp disrupt probe II ? ?
“Ambush” warp disrupt probe Ambush Interdictors / Mobile Disruptors
Name Effect
“Warp speed” disrupt probe
Name Effect
“Warp capacitor” disrupt probe Increases the capacitor required for warping
Name Effect
“Graviton Field Probe”
Name Effect
“Capital Interdiction” probe Increases damage done to Capital within the field generated by the probe

Any constructive comments would be helpful, I’ll be updating and reworking this post as I get feedback from people, as well as potentially make it a consolidated post as a result of moderator guidance.

  1. Player Features & Ideas
  2. Proposed use cases
  3. Impacts and Balance considerations
    4.1 Balancing use at scale
    4.2 Impacts on solo/small-gang
    4.3 Impacts on meta
    4.4 Current game direction fit
    4.5 Cost
    4.6 Economic impact
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Probe Creep, longer timers for less skilled players?

Why would we want this?

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Longer timers but smaller warp disruption ranges. Mostly for niche uses in interdiction in cases in which catch and drag bubble can be deployed when opposition fleets are further out (in terms of jumps).

Thank you for the comment however, I do take the point about ensuring “skill” is an important factor in interdictor piloting.

If that’s the case, I don’t see the need for any of these.
The bubbles we have do their job already.

We even have surgical bubbles that almost no one uses because the default bubble is good enough.

I described one potential niche use of a warp disrupt probe with a longer flight time and shorter range. The uses of the others potential variant would likely be different. Mostly the proposal is one so that the range of options available to interdictors is greater.

But why would anyone ever use them?

It takes an incredibly long time to reload probes already. Why would any dictor in their mind go around swapping probes for different ranges?

FCs in fleet fights also know that bubbles from dictors are 20km by default, so that helps them hold a consistent variable in a fight. If the dictors are all randomly using different range bubbles, it just causes confusion.

In the context of a fleet fight, it certainly would be possible for interdictors to coordinate bubble variants. It increases the complexity and potential confusion involved in interdictor use.

As a group interdictor pilots, and even with the reload time of the interdiction sphere launcher, it is quite possible that you might want some portion of those interdictor pilots to fit the short flight time, longer range probes in order to disrupt warps in time for other interdictors carrying more standard probes.

Detailing all of the potential uses of new warp disrupt probes is difficult however, because they will be used in inventive and novel ways.

So your entire suggestion can be summed up as “here is my bad idea, I won’t explain why the game needs it or how it should be used because people will come up with creative ways to use it once it’s implemented.”

lmao, good luck

Your response here doesn’t seem very constructive. I’ve explained one of the novel ways in which some of potential variants might be used. I think part of making any suggestion is admitting not being able to anticipate all the novel and inventive ways of playing that people will find. As I noted at the start, I’m also interested in the suggestions of others here and their feedback.

Thank you for your good luck wishes however.

cough Frigate escape bay cough

This change will shake up the Battleship meta of EVE Online and open up new and exciting tactical options for crafty players to use! It can also give Capsuleers a chance to stay in the fight longer… unless you opt to use your nimble ship to escape from the battlefield and leave your fleetmates to their fate!

With further changes to battleships so that they find more widespread use, the choice of ship in the frigate escape bay will likely be an actual factor in some fleet fights. Mostly this post is about responding to a stated intention by CCP to “look at” interdictors and explicitly consider new bubble type and provide a space where we can have some input there, and discuss the potential consequences, both negative and positive .

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