An idea about interdiction

Thought came from supercarrier burst projectors and from usual interdictor bubbles. It’s known that interdictor launches warp disruption bubble making ships around unable to warp in area of effect and lasting after couple of minutes. The idea is simple: to make something alike interdiction bubbles but not warp disrupting but stasis webbing.
I would suggest several forms of realization.
First is an interdictor ammo/module that launches a web bubble 10km radius lasting after 60 seconds. While in effect, ship speed in area is reduced in 50%.
Second is a module for heavy interdictor which launches a web bubble around the ship and making life harder for affected ships.
Maybe, it should be restricted for certain ship types or even for certain hulls. And maybe, it’s a good point to make ships carrying “web bubble launcher” immune/resistable to non-targeted webification.
Additionally, if someone thinks it could be too strong, it might be like good idea if the strength of such web bubbles weakens over time it’s active.
Speaking other things about this, it might be in other forms like stationary web bubble, but values/forms should considered carefully because it may affects quite many things in balance.

Your idea seems interesting but could be developed.
If I remember well, Supercarriers can already fit a similar module : the Stasis Webification Burst Projector.

Supercarriers are able to place a bubble away from the ship itself while interdictors are placed into their bubble upon launching.

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