New type of interdiction bubble. A bubble that webs

Can we have a new type of bubble?

One that webs.

So Bubble A goes up (Warp) and Bubble B goes up (web).

Chaos ensues.

Current exceptions would still apply like nullified hulls and Interceptors.

That would be OP. Besides, there’s something better than “web bubbles” - they’re called fleetmates :slight_smile:

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A webble?

Inclined to agree this would be hard to balance unless it was a relatively minor slowing effect (20% maybe) and non-stacking.

Yeah not a major slowing effect and maybe hard on the cap as a way of making it balanced.

i do think it could be used to great effect if correctly balanced.

I’m not so sure this is a good idea. It might result in some bloodbaths early on, but it would probably result in FC’s being more skittish (more difficult to disengage from lost fights) and greatly shift the balance of power towards larger ships (i.e. capitals).

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I am inclined to say no to this. Overlapping both warp and web bubbles would just be WAY too powerful with pretty much no counterplay. If you want to talk about maybe adding that to a HICs scram generator with a script I could be open to that. At least the counter play there is to shoot the HIC.

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Make it so they cant be deployed within a set distance of each other.

Couldn’t you use this to insta-warp your fleet?


grab your super and make web warp neut buble like you will.

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