Lift the ban on stasis web probes

Honestly I don’t see the need to ban these even in HS (could be some shenanigans im sure) but in LS just what dynamic would these things mess up? it feels like they are only banned because they use the same launcher as bubbles and that just seems dull. If there is some problem they would cause please let me know.

Hell even in null these things are so under used the eve uni wiki wasn’t even updated passed their initial release.

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I think the reasonable behind the ban is that as an offensive AoE module it may trigger concord.

Smart bombs and ecm burst?

Looking at the wiki, it says near useless in hisec, I think it was meant to be used with a bubble.

Oh well…that is what I get for posting before thinking enough about what I was about to say.

Still speculating: is "too powerful?


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It’s 100% meant to be used with a bubble. That’s one of the reasons it’s almost never used.

It’s why I can’t think of a reason it needs to be banned from empire. I can’t think of anyway it would be disruptive. So I figure why not just let it be used and see what if anything happens.

The term “near useless” to me doesn’t mean banned, but in hisec I don’t see a lot of T2 dessies either

If you look at the item description they have the banned in empire tag. So they can’t be used in hs or ls

Ah. Well you can’t use bubbles either. My guess is in hisec they don’t want any one ship from stopping multiple ships from warping.

Web probes would be more likely to push you into warp than to keep you out of it.

Yeah bubbles make sense. But I honestly think the only reason wubbles are banned is just because ccp went “well its launched by an interdiction probe launcher” and that was it lol.

This is from the forum feedback thread
Because it uses the same interdiction sphere launcher module it cannot be used in lowsec (because the module simply cannot be activated in lowsec).

See, this is just depressing. But probably code based : /

There isn’t really a good way in current code configuration to allow/disallow the module activation based on the loaded charge (in this case, web probes vs bubble probes). If at some point CCP overhauls that logic, we might see the web probes usable in low sec - but I’m not sure there is enough use case to make it worth dev hours at present given all the other things that still need balancing. Perhaps it will be evaluated during a tiericide pass?

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