How broken (or great) would a heavy webification cruiser be?

The cruiser would be relatively similar to a heavy interdiction cruiser, but instead of a warp disruption field generator, it can mount a stasis webification field generator that works like a standard stasis webifier.

Any ships within the generator’s range would be webified, the amount would of course be subject to balance.

To further expand on this, would a webificator destroyer be viable as well (as we have interdictors and HICtors)?

I believe this is a super carrier ability.

It’s a limited use thing called a burst Projector, that Webs an enture area

My point was if it’s a super carrier ability and it’s that limited… a cruiser version is going to be super broken

Well, keep in mind there’s one for warp disruption, ECM, and Neuting as well and bubbles/HICs and ECM bursts/Lockbreaker Bombs, and Void bombs all exist and aren’t particularly broken. Now I’m not saying that that means that a web bubble would be balanced or not, but just because it’s on a burst protector doesn’t mean a properly balanced cruiser/whatever other subcap hull can’t have it’s own version too.

Keeping in mind all of those things are “Banned in Empire Space” as this would have to be.

I’m not a fan because stacking a warp bubble and a web bubble would be too OP.


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Too easy to create excessive grid control and negate player skill and tactics with low investment.

-1 from me.

Imagine stacking multiple web bubbles on top of each other.
Yes, there would be stacking penalties… but it would still severely cripple anything in the bubbled area.

My thoughts?

All the current AoE effects are either highly situational, very specific in what they do, and/or carry high risk for the benefit they provide (e.g. Stealth Bombers are paper thin and it is easy to make a mistake on a bombing run, Supercarriers are very expensive and attract other predatory groups that are willing to dramatically escalate fights).

Webbing bubbles will almost universally be worth it (especially in a tanky ship worth ~200 million) as slowing down a bunch of ships to a crawl is almost always useful.

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Short answer: I think it’s a bad idea if it works like current webs.

Long answer: Warp disruption bubbles are a binary effect, either you’re in a bubble or you’re not. Not only is this relatively easy to balance from a gameplay perspective, it negates the tendency to N+1 their use (beyond covering a larger area and ensuring redundancy) because there’s no benefit to being within two bubbles at once as opposed to only one.

But with web mechanics, that latter point goes away. You have to consider the effects of stacking multiple bubbles on every ship that’s in at least one of them. Aside from being additional load on the servers, there is now a benefit to spamming a bunch of overlapping web bubbles. Suddenly fights become far more static affairs and I can imagine everything will start to feel like sieged dreadnaughts shooting at structures.

The only way I could see webification bubbles being balanced (and also not gameplay crushing) is if they don’t stack and if they’re considerably weaker than current webs (say…no more than half as strong). And by that point, the effect is so small that it seems like it’s not worth having.

(And yes, I know this is a supercarrier ability, but effects projectors on supercarriers are inherently going to be less oppressive than cruisers that can just fly around with a bubble constantly on.)

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Rapier, Huginn, Loki and Vigilant will be quite unhappy with your suggestion. Why would you want to put them out of their job?

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