Bubbles : time for some variety?

Tired of knowing exactly whats going to happen when the sabre decloaks?
Lets get some new bubble types!

We should have a scram bubble. Turns off MJDs and Microwarpdrives. Needs to be quite a bit smaller than the current warp disruption bubble. Shouldn’t work too close to gates. This bubble and a couple of competent booshers could possibly counter MJDing cruise missile ravens.

We should have web bubbles. The glory of a decent web bubble and some bombs could make everyone happy again! Or, you know, whatever else devious bastards are bound to come up with.

Give us more variation already :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading.


A scram bubble if small enough would be almost useless on gates unless you got lucky with it.
I think though smaller bubbles of the same types the citadels launches?
And a paint bubble; not tp just like more of a cloak disruption bubble.
But lets be honest here, nullsec is basically now carebear space; its pretty damn crap for pvp content.

How are you going to boosh a bubble that turns of your MJFG? If it is so small that you can boosh it without getting into the bubble sphere (ie. at most 4km in diameter), it’s useless for this particular pipe dream.

You boosh the sabre. Sabre drops the bubble. Everyone runs like hell till the next boosher can get you out of there . Booshing a sabre or 5 with scram bubbles onto a bunch of ravens along with a decent fleet would be great. It would actually turn into a battle. How can you not love that?

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Trig derived interdiction modules that disperse the gas clouds seen in Abyss space.

Orange gas bubble : Penalty to Shield Booster boosting and remote Shield Repair (-40%).
Blue gas bubble: +300% Signature Radius (4.0x signature radius multiplier).
Yellow gas bubble: Penalty to local and remote Armor Repair (-40%).

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pink bubble : everyone is drunk and starts yelling on coms. Also 50% for each shot/missile/rep/ewar to be assigned to a random targetable unit on the grid <3 #sharethelove

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This belongs in F&I. Some time ago a CCP game designer commented that it would be nice to have more variety of Bomb types for stealth bombers. Around the time that citadels lost overpowered void bombs and gained Supercarrier projectors, with various effects.

Its very easy to say “it would be nice if” but it has to pass through various committees and approval processes in order to happen.

If there was a way for CCP to know that 1000 other players wanted a feature, it would be more likely to happen. CSM Steve Ronuken has revived a feature suggestion tracker - go here, make suggestions - and VOTE on other suggestions. The more activity the site gets, the more likely something can get done from it.


We know it would be bad.
We know this is imbalanced.

That was just a dream.

If you’re going to talk about dreams, you could also quote MLK :slight_smile:

not as happy as posting in appropriate threads.

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