Interdiction Sphere Launcher Probe Variants

Hello CSM,

In: there is brief mention by CCP Rise of a potential interdictor update considered by Team Talos (Balance team).


Some fun balance team wants to look at is:
Make other dictors more viable
•More types of bubbles
A Triglavian dictor where the bubble gets bigger over time
Tech I versions of dictors and recons
Dictor bubbles with webbing effect or ewar effects instead of warp disruption
Webbing dictors could help combat the evasive coward meta

I’d be interested in the thoughts of the new CSM members (as well anyone else!) and whether they will be discussing further with CCP changes to interdictors and the introduction of new interdiction sphere launcher probe variants.

I have linked a recent post from the Player Features & Ideas subforum regarding potential variants.

Personally I would be in favor of all that, I would also add a few things
T2 sphere launchers - faster reload - maybe hold more ammo
T2 ammo - maybe bigger bubble, longer lasting, more effects - all of the above

Obviously these would come at some fitting/skill cost etc…to help balance them slightly

Thank you @Kenneth_Feld for your response.

You’re right than the fitting/skill requirements would need to be looked at. It may also provide a mechanism for the differentiation of interdictors and the boosting other interdictors which are viewed at the moment as less-viable (although I’m not so sure of this).

In original post in Player Features & Ideas I will update, and request any ideas for skills/fitting discussion. Any views here would be welcome

CPU requirements increased by around an effective 32.50 (or less) for the Tech II is one potential option.

was one of the first generation dictor pilots (and how I got the name Vily vs. my original Robet Katrix) J

@Vily would it be possible for you to give feedback here, your understanding of how the introduction of new interdiction sphere launcher probes might impact large-scale fleet combat would be invaluable I’m sure.

Equally, I’m sure you have views how it might mesh with the CCP’s indicated direction when it comes to fleet combat and the previous position of CSM 14.

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