Manual delay activation timer on interdiction probes

The delay activation timer is toggled from right click pop-up on interdiction probe launcher. With quick menu operation a single interdictor pilot can just about synchronize each of thier probes (on/off grid) to activate together or with strategic delay.

Max delay would be capped at 5 minutes.

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So you an bubble both sides of the gate? No.

You can already do that.

Not if you get a weapons timer from the first bubble.

Aggression for defensive bubbling with probes was removed years ago in Retribution. The warp disruption field on hictors is what triggers the weapons timer.

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I’m pretty sure you get the weapons timer for someone trying to warp in your bubble. Just no longer for the act of launching the probe itself. Been a while since I played in those areas of space though so might be out of date.

Nope. You can drop a bubble with a dictor and jump right away trough a gate/WH.

This would be an interesting addition to bubble mechanics.

However, it would essentially be a buff to warp disrupt probe duration. You could drop a bubble with zero delay, then immediately drop a bubble with a 2 minute delay, then drop another with a 4 minute delay. This would result in bubble coverage for 6 minutes while not having to be on grid except for the initial period.

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Yes, this is a buff to bubble duration. However, the dictor pilot is committing to that location with the time delay. I believe that is a skill choice by the pilot.

If that duration is too strong I am interested to hear your thoughts in tweaking factors like the max delay time or being able to disable delayed probes.

The interdictor is not committed, but rather the bubble location is fixed. Not having to be somewhere to bubble would certainly increase my own survivability. This would be the case even if I were dropping only one bubble with a delay say in the case of harassment interdiction of a travelling fleet.

The disabling of delayed probes is interesting, they could being able to be destroyed or scooped up until the delay timer is up at which point they act like normal bubbles. I would certainly like to see more warp disrupt types, and more options for dynamic interdictor play.

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