Interdiction Nullifier I

Question: I jump into the NullSec gate, encounter a camp gang with a mobile bubble disruptor. I have an Ares ship wit Interdiction Nullifier I and I’m in the bubble. Can I successfully escape using Interdiction Nullifier I?


Its a mod that has to be activated before you click warp. So while you are under the invincibility cloak, activate the nullifier then click warp

Yes you can. You CAN activate it while under gate cloak and thus simply “ignore” the bubble and warp off. Also, if you’re in a tackle inty like the Ares you’re best off using the T2 nullifier as it gives you more time and those ships get a bonus to them. Other ships are better with the T1 due to a lower a lower reactivation time.

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Didnt think if they were already in a bubble it would activate

Otherwise, your warp course will have already been determined, and you will be dragged into, or be unable to escape from, the disruption field.

You’re in the bubble, you activate the module and then you warp. Since you can activate that specific module while cloaked it’s really just a “oh a bubble how cute”, punch it and warp.

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I took the question as if they are caught in the warp disruption field, if they activate the mod, can they get out.

As answered above, yes you can. The warp path is determined when you click warp, regardless whether the nullifier still cycles during warp, it only has to be on the very moment before you press warp. For travel purposes the only important stats are the time from one to the next activation, always fit the module with the shortest activation+cooldown, usually the plain T1.

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Surely there wouldn’t be much point to it if you couldn’t, as it would then only work arriving at a gate after a warp and not leaving one, and most bubbles would be placed to catch people leaving a gate. If it only worked with you already warped…you’d likely already know the enemy was in the system.

Again, i took this question as, if they jumped through a gate, hit warp, hit a warp disruptor, the nullifer would not let them escape after the fact. If im wrong im wrong

Make sure you don’t have prohibited modules fitted. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Also: The best nullifier on all ships is the T1. All other nullifiers have a much longer reactivation delay, which is a problem even on bonused ships. The active duration of the module is wholly irrelevant, especially for traveling. The only stat that matters is the reactivation delay.

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